Top 10 of what to do when you are bored

Sometimes, when we do not have much to do and boredom wins, we have no ideas for entertainment or simply to spend time. You can think of watching the passing of time or be happy to have the opportunity to “get bored”, or read our article about happiness in everyday life! If you still need ideas, here are a top 10 ideas of things to do when you’re bored.

Top 5 best organic lipsticks

At the moment, more and more of you are worried about the composition of their skincare and makeup products, but what about the composition of lipsticks and what brand to buy if you are sensitive to the composition of our beauty products? We bring you all the answers you need in this article dedicated to organic lipsticks and natural origin.

Ethical fashion : definition

Ethical fashion is the culmination of all fair trade and responsible fashion concepts. This concept is gradually becoming the new standard of fashion and it is clearly one of the major stakes of the evolutions of the existing and creating brands.

Best of Hotels in Paris

Paris, capital of France, gastronomy and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Museums, historic buildings, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, gourmet restaurants and French romanticism, it is a must for tourists from around the world. And because Paris is also filled with very good hotels, we thought we were going to present you a little guide of the best Parisian hotels, first of all a top 5 of the palaces then a top 5 of the chic and trendy hotels.

The trend of 3D wallpaper

Today we see 3D everywhere around us. There are 3D movies, 3D printers, and there are even 3D wallpapers. A fairly recent decorative trend that is gradually imposing on us to give to our homes. A short overview of a whole new dimension to give to your interior …

The Escape Game trend

The release a few weeks ago of the movie Escape Game confirmed what we already knew, the concept of Escape Game is clearly a trend in the entertainment! Let’s see that a little closer …

How to make a smoky eyes ?

After having explained to you what the smoky eyes are, you can discover the tips of Vera Lifestyle (influencer) and Linda Barkallah (professional make-up artist) to give you advice so that you succeed your smoky eyes.

How does music affect our well-being?

“Music softens manners” says on! We all have a melody in mind at one time or another of the day, because we like a song, because we want to, but sometimes without knowing it for its many benefits. In this article well-being, we explore the virtues of music.

Some recipes with cocoa, this super food!

In cooking or cosmetics, we appreciate this great food especially for its taste and flavors, but also for its indisputable benefits and exceptional nutritional values. Cocoa is a bit like a super hero for our plates. Cocoa has remarkable nutrients such as minerals, antioxidants or magnesium. Focus on some recipes using this super food.

How to wear the Marinière ?

The marinière is an essential piece in your wardrobe when you do not know what to wear and do not want to take the lead since it is associated with absolutely everything. If you run out of ideas, this article is here to give you suggestions of outfits for all the opportunities that come your way.