TOP 5 dystopian books

You are interested in dystopian books and you do not know what to read? Here is a non-exhaustive list of dystopian books that will please you and transport you into exciting stories.

The origins of energy drinks

We all know the fatigue after the workout and a little boost would be welcome. Some opt for energy drinks, but do you know their origin?

The best long lasting lipsticks

Aaaaah the lipsticks, we saw in the previous article the top of french organic lipsticks and what interests us today, is a crucial subject: the holding of the lipsticks. For this, here is a little top 10 lipsticks with which you can eat, drink, kiss … short wear all day without worry.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is more than this plant with purple flowers and soothing virtues. It has a lot of benefits, especially when in the form of essential oil … Let’s see today the various uses of essential oil of lavender!

Best organic French brands

Organic being more and more present in our society and especially in our food. But when is it organic clothing? Here is our selection of French eco-friendly clothing brands.

How to visit Florence in Italy?

This beautiful Italian city is worth a trip to Italy for a few days. Located 3 hours by car from Venice and Rome, 4 hours from Lake Maggiore (and only 2 hours from Venice and 1h30 from Rome), the capital of Tuscany has a lot to offer you: gardens, museums, shopping, ice cream !!! Enjoy the “farniente” when you read our article.

Factory design, always an interior trend

The industrial decoration, or factory style, is a trend that has emerged in our interiors over the years and is still present today. Let’s look at this style that seduces even after a century.

French applications to eat smarter

Diet is the key to being healthy, boosting your immune system and making your body work properly. Coupled with sport and a healthy lifestyle, it is the insurance to give everything you need to your body so that it is at its best. So if you do not necessarily have the time to concoct homemade dishes and count all the carbohydrates in every bite of bread, this selection of applications is for you!

Twapero in Strasbourg

What if social networks became real? The networks are good, but in reality it’s better! But make real Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn should seem impossible to you? However, a new concept proves the opposite by allowing Instagramers, Twittos and LinkedIn users to meet in Strasbourg. Once you have tasted the Twapé-ros, you will not get tired of it. But what is a Twapéro?

Desserts with Oreos, KitKat, Bueno…

You may have noticed for some time the trend is to integrate in our desserts recipes of the big names in the world of confectionery, chocolates and other biscuits … From Ferrero to Mars, we find now these delights in the form simple ingredients to sublimate desserts. We deliver you 6 of our favorites.