Romantic getaway in Venice, Italia

It is called the Serenissima. Famous for its canals and gondolas, Venice is a city full of charm. The perfect place for a romantic trip or for a romantic getaway.

Design : yellow in movies !

Let’s go back to the seventh art for the rest of our series on the inspiration in decoration of certain styles of films. This time we’re going to talk about the yellow color, with David O. Russell’s American Bluff movies and Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier.

How to gain self confidence ?

Shyness, lack of insurance, impostor syndrome, I am not enough this or that …. These words seem familiar to you? It’s that you’re on the right article!
We know that the quest for self-confidence can be fraught with difficulties, but today you are no longer alone in this quest. Here are our best tips so that you can finally occupy the place you deserve.

What frequency for washing your hair ?

We all have an opinion on the ideal frequency at which to wash the hair, and in front of so much divergence, there is enough to have the hair which stands on the head :)! We conducted our investigation for the sake of your scalp, and here are our results.

How to wear a trench coat ?

The trench coat is a real timeless piece and is a must for your dressing room especially for the mid-season. Whether you are small or tall, it will suit you perfectly and will complete your looks perfectly. It comes in all styles and colors. In this article find out what type of trench to choose according to your morphology and also suggestions of outfits with this one.

The benefits of cocoa

Ahhh cocoa, a great love story for many of us! In addition to being good taste, cocoa is also good for the body and for health. Cocoa powder comes from cacao seeds, called cocoa beans, which are widely used in the diet. The cacao seeds also have some fat that can be extracted and becomes cocoa butter. Whether it is seed, powder or cocoa butter, these three forms are good for morale and health. Want to know more ? Read this article!

“Slow Cosmetics” : what is it ?

Still in the light of the “slow life” lifestyle, the “slow cosmetic” movement, invented by Julien Kaibeck, began to grow more and more thanks to the Slow Cosmetic Association and its partners. The purpose of this movement is to advocate the consumption of natural cosmetics, healthy and reasonable for the environment.

The benefits of pets

Pets are good for your mood because they will bring happiness to your life. Whatever your day is like, your pet is always there for you. Having a pet has many benefits to the human being, such as fighting depression and stress, giving some joy.

The most beautiful houseplants

Now that you all know about indoor plants without light, toxic plants and depolluting plants, discover the most beautiful houseplants. Whether you live in an apartment or in a house, greenery and pretty plants, big or small, always have their place in your living rooms.

Top of berries and theirs benefits

In addition to being colorful and have a delicious taste each in their own way, they will be beneficial for you and are named “superfoods” and even “super fruits” because berries are fruits!