The first vegan fashion week

The first vegan fashion week will take place on February 1st in Los Angeles. This is another breakthrough for the vegan movement, which has grown considerably in recent years. Having become a true lifestyle, veganism is an awareness of the suffering of the industrial exploitation of animals.

Garlic as superfood

Already in Ancient Rome, it served as an antipoison! Since its benefits have always been so successful. Indeed many small foods that we did not think contain a lot of benefits for our health. Garlic is really a superfood condiment because in addition to enhancing the flavor of a dish, it has a strong therapeutic…

Sex Education, the new Netflix serie

Sex Education, the new drama of Netflix is ​​available for a few days on the famous platform and we talk a lot. Critics are overall very positive, but the original series Sex Education is really worth watching? Spoiler: Yes! And we explain why.

Depolluting indoor plants

In this article you will find a selection of the best plants that you can have at home to purify your environment

The new jobs in 21th century

With all the evolutions of our society these last decades, many trades have appeared thanks to the development of the technology and also thanks to the modernization. Whether in the digital or in the well-being, these new professions are also at the heart of new concerns such as happiness or the environment.

Well-being at work and the PUMA exemple

At work, it is important for employees and employers to feel good about being personally happy and that it naturally and positively reflects on the company. Good conditions and being comfortable in one’s work space will help you flourish and be more productive during your work time and away from work. Depending on the cultures…

Visiting Edinburgh in Scotland

Edinburgh, all the charm of Scotland in a city …

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland since the 15th century. And it is especially a very pretty city which is an ideal destination to plunge a few days in the particular atmosphere of the Highlands.

Top spots to visit in Scotland

Scotland is an amazing place, a country steeped in history and full of charm. The atmosphere is unique, thanks to its fairy tales, legends and ghost stories, as well as its beautiful landscapes and must-see places. The places to visit in Scotland are innumerable, we offer a top 10 of the best.

How to make an homemade mascara ?

In this article, you will find recipes to make your mascara yourself and with ease but we will also talk about the benefits of the products used to create your homemade mascara.