The benefits of pets

Pets are good for your mood because they will bring happiness to your life. Whatever your day is like, your pet is always there for you. Having a pet has many benefits to the human being, such as fighting depression and stress, giving some joy.

Top of sleeping applications

You feel that your nights are sometimes complicated, that you do not always sleep very well and you want to study this in depth? Technology has already developed applications that allow you to see the reasons for your potential sleep problems and get a closer look at what your nights look like. We have some…

Well-being at work and the PUMA exemple

At work, it is important for employees and employers to feel good about being personally happy and that it naturally and positively reflects on the company. Good conditions and being comfortable in one’s work space will help you flourish and be more productive during your work time and away from work. Depending on the cultures…

Enjoy the Christmas meal without consequences

The Christmas season is a moment of senses pleasure. The good smells of cooking before going to dinner, the tastes of each meal into your mouth, the softness of the sofa’s fur during your digestion with the Christmas music that softly rocks you with the great view of the well decorated Christmas tree… Let’s see…

The importance of the morning routine

What is a morning routine? It is the set of actions done on awakening, which motivates you to get up and start the day. A good homemade smoothie, a quiet breakfast, doing yoga or your workout, applying body care or choosing your outfit are all elements you need to start your day. Every day is…

Slow Life : definition and history

In recent years, many philosophies of life have become known to improve our well-being. The trend “slow life” is one of these philosophies. Slow life is an idea that has more and more followers, but what exactly is it? History, definition and find your rhythm with our article!

How to sleep better ?

Sleeping is necessary for the human being, it is part of the vital functions of our organism. We sleep an average of 8 hours a night and you can see, when you have less or less quality sleep, that you are in bad mood, less effective and eventually you fall more easily sick. Our idea…

Sports good for health

As you already know, regular sport is essential for your health. It helps you reduce stress and a lot of diseases. Let’s see together our top 5 sports good for health!

Wearing bra or not ?

Worn by the majority of women in western countries as soon as our chest starts to appear, the bra is an almost mandatory undergarment in your wardrobe! “Almost” because some women prefer not to wear it and let their breasts stand on their own. So wearing a bra or not ?

Benefits of walking

Put one foot in front of the other, we all know how to do it, but why is it so good for our physical and mental health? With just 30 minutes to 1 hour of walking each day, you will already see the effects on your body and your mood. So without having to put…