Top spots to visit in Scotland

Scotland is an amazing place, a country steeped in history and full of charm. The atmosphere is unique, thanks to its fairy tales, legends and ghost stories, as well as its beautiful landscapes and must-see places. The places to visit in Scotland are innumerable, we offer a top 10 of the best.

Best New Year destinations in Europe

New Year’s Eve approaches and you want to celebrate elsewhere, to discover new cultures and experience a New Year’s exotic, here are our top 5 best destinations in Europe to celebrate.

Most beautiful Christmas market in the world

Every year, the Christmas markets make people dream of more than one with their decorations, their lights and their atmosphere. Every city does its utmost to dazzle tourists and leave them with memorable memories. Want to discover the magic of Christmas in another city? In this article you will find the top 5 most beautiful…

Gastronomic restaurants in Reims

Reims in France… with its champagne, its cathedral, its vineyards and the charm of its streets … If you go through the city of coronations and you are looking for a good gourmet meal, then there are some restaurants that we must present you.

Top hotels in Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore straddles Piedmont, Lombardy and Canton Ticino. It is an Italian-Swiss lake of 212km2, fed by many rivers and very famous for its breathtaking panoramas as well as for its many tourist sites, such as the Borromee islands. It’s really a great place to spend a few days of vacation in an idyllic setting…

Strasbourg : gastronomic restaurants

Here, dear gourmand and gourmet Fuzzy, a selection of gastronomic restaurants in Strasbourg, the European and Alsatian capital, who knows how to wheat your appetite.

Unusual accommodations in France

Highly appreciated by holidaymakers looking to change their habits for their stay, we will talk about unusual accommodations in France, attracting more tourists every year. Who would not be tempted to spend a night in an unusual accommodation in France for a touch of originality?

Go in vacation with “Copines de voyage”

You have a mad desire to escape, to go on vacation but you are alone: ​​your best friend goes with her darling, your super colleague does not have the same dates available and you have already seen too much the family home. Do not hesitate and join the 450,000 women registered on (and the…

A week in Bali

Always a dream destination, Bali, the island of gods, is a timeless place, a heavenly parenthesis where life is sweet and where it is good to recharge your batteries before returning to the city life. Here are some places to visit on this magical island.