Best of Hotels in Paris

Paris, capital of France, gastronomy and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Museums, historic buildings, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, gourmet restaurants and French romanticism, it is a must for tourists from around the world. And because Paris is also filled with very good hotels, we thought we were going to present you a little guide of the best Parisian hotels, first of all a top 5 of the palaces then a top 5 of the chic and trendy hotels.

Slow Travel : what is this ?

“Slow travel” is “traveling slowly”, that is to say, taking time to discover the country and the culture of it while remaining in the country. The goal is not to rush to discover the city or the country while enjoying the quality of the experiences that we live rather than the number of activities that can be done in a defined time.

Romantic getaway in Venice, Italia

It is called the Serenissima. Famous for its canals and gondolas, Venice is a city full of charm. The perfect place for a romantic trip or for a romantic getaway.

Visit the Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a large lake south of the Highlands of Scotland. Bordered by mountains, it is generally quite calm. He is best known for the legend of his imposing creature who runs through his deep waters “the monster of Loch Ness”.

Visit the isle of Skye

Visit the Isle of Skye is really something to do if you come to Scotland. His breathtaking landscapes will remain forever etched and you will leave with wonderful memories.

Stay in Glasgow

Glasgow is a very dynamic and lively city. It’s Scotland’s largest and most populous city, and you’ll be able to see all the colors with its different styles of buildings and streets reminiscent of London, New York and sometimes even San Francisco. Following this article and the charm that emanates from this city, Glasgow may be your future travel destination.

Visiting Edinburgh in Scotland

Edinburgh, all the charm of Scotland in a city …

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland since the 15th century. And it is especially a very pretty city which is an ideal destination to plunge a few days in the particular atmosphere of the Highlands.

Top spots to visit in Scotland

Scotland is an amazing place, a country steeped in history and full of charm. The atmosphere is unique, thanks to its fairy tales, legends and ghost stories, as well as its beautiful landscapes and must-see places. The places to visit in Scotland are innumerable, we offer a top 10 of the best.

Best New Year destinations in Europe

New Year’s Eve approaches and you want to celebrate elsewhere, to discover new cultures and experience a New Year’s exotic, here are our top 5 best destinations in Europe to celebrate.

Most beautiful Christmas market in the world

Every year, the Christmas markets make people dream of more than one with their decorations, their lights and their atmosphere. Every city does its utmost to dazzle tourists and leave them with memorable memories. Want to discover the magic of Christmas in another city? In this article you will find the top 5 most beautiful…