The new job of eco-designer

Being an eco-designer is part of one of the many new trades that have only been around for a few years now. It has mainly started to develop since the 90s in Northern Europe thanks to Victor Papenak who was the first thinker of the creation of responsible products that do not impact the environment from the beginning of their creation to the end their usefulness thanks to recyclable raw materials.

Sex Education, the new Netflix serie

Sex Education, the new drama of Netflix is ​​available for a few days on the famous platform and we talk a lot. Critics are overall very positive, but the original series Sex Education is really worth watching? Spoiler: Yes! And we explain why.

The new jobs in 21th century

With all the evolutions of our society these last decades, many trades have appeared thanks to the development of the technology and also thanks to the modernization. Whether in the digital or in the well-being, these new professions are also at the heart of new concerns such as happiness or the environment.

Disenchantment, new original tv serie !

Matt Groening. If this name evokes you something, it’s because this American cartoonist, screenwriter and television producer is the ingenious creator of the Simpsons and Futurama. August 17th 2018 marked the beginning of his new adventure, with his new animated series Disenchantment.

The origins of Christmas

Many of us celebrate Christmas without really knowing the origin of this holiday and its history. Some celebrate Christmas because it is a religious holiday and they are believers. Others celebrate it to have a good time with the family and to be able to enjoy some delicious meals. Let’s discover or rediscover the origins…

Stars diploma

As you know them today, your favorite stars have not always been the actor /actresses you love so much. Some stars are famous by birth like royalties or children of stars! Others come from unknown and modest family and they become stars thanks to their efforts that led them to realize their dream of glory….

French movie “I am not an easy man”

“Je ne suis pas un homme facile” in english “I’m not an easy man” is a French comedy released this year on Netflix. This is also the first French film shot for the platform. Directed by Éléonore Pourriat, we really enjoyed this film and we will explain why.

100 years after World War 1

November 11, 2018, we will celebrate the centenary of the armistice of the First World War, signed in Rethondes in 1918. The First World War broke out in 1914 mostly between France and Germany and it also involved allies of the two country: United States, British Empire (Australia, Canada, New Zealand), Russia and Italy on…

Interview Yves Wansi “Vue d’Ensemble”

We want to zoom in on a dynamic association with a noble theme: the socialization of the visually impaired. Of course, you know what it is to be blind, but you know what it is to be visual defiscient and all the shades around and all the difficulties which come with. The association Vue d’Ensemble…

“Sea Shepherd” and protection of oceans

The ecological cause affects you and more precisely the protection of the oceans and their fauna and flora? Then you’ll be thrilled to learn more about the Sea Shepherd Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which actively fights illegal fishing, overfishing and hunting for protected species (such as whales, sharks and seals).