What is a dystopia ?

You already know utopia, but what is a dystopia? It is somehow its opposite as suggested by its etymology. We will describe you more precisely and give you a definition of what a dystopia is.

TOP 5 dystopian books

You are interested in dystopian books and you do not know what to read? Here is a non-exhaustive list of dystopian books that will please you and transport you into exciting stories.

Twapero in Strasbourg

What if social networks became real? The networks are good, but in reality it’s better! But make real Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn should seem impossible to you? However, a new concept proves the opposite by allowing Instagramers, Twittos and LinkedIn users to meet in Strasbourg. Once you have tasted the Twapé-ros, you will not get tired of it. But what is a Twapéro?

The Escape Game trend

The release a few weeks ago of the movie Escape Game confirmed what we already knew, the concept of Escape Game is clearly a trend in the entertainment! Let’s see that a little closer …

French designer UX UI interview

Nothing like an interview with a UX UI Designer to better understand the ins and outs of the job, the qualities and skills required, without forgetting to discover a typical day or the possible evolutions! Thanks to Paul Moussard, Designer UX UI in a Parisian agency for answering our questions.

Slow Food : what is this ?

This movement, developed in 132 countries in total, is opposed to food standardization and leads to a desire to respect the environment around us by promoting local products .

Slow Money : definition

“Slow money”, a slow movement for sustainable finance, born in 2009 in the United States, which aims to finance small local food companies that produce quality food.

The new job of eco-designer

Being an eco-designer is part of one of the many new trades that have only been around for a few years now. It has mainly started to develop since the 90s in Northern Europe thanks to Victor Papenak who was the first thinker of the creation of responsible products that do not impact the environment from the beginning of their creation to the end their usefulness thanks to recyclable raw materials.

Sex Education, the new Netflix serie

Sex Education, the new drama of Netflix is ​​available for a few days on the famous platform and we talk a lot. Critics are overall very positive, but the original series Sex Education is really worth watching? Spoiler: Yes! And we explain why.

The new jobs in 21th century

With all the evolutions of our society these last decades, many trades have appeared thanks to the development of the technology and also thanks to the modernization. Whether in the digital or in the well-being, these new professions are also at the heart of new concerns such as happiness or the environment.