Seasonal fruits and vegetables

As you know, we are advised to eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day and if possible with diversity to vary the pleasures and enjoy the benefits of various fruits and vegetables. Depending on the season, varieties of fruits and vegetables appear and disappear from the shelves. It is true that you will…

Tea benefits

You are tired of coffee or just know the virtues of tea on your body? This article is for you! Indeed the tea has many benefits for the body: as for example the tone with theine (as effective as caffeine). There are an infinity of tea flavors with different virtues that will seduce you.

Egg consumption

There are many kinds of eggs of various animals: quail egg, duck, goose, ostrich etc … but also the eggs of fish even if their use is very different from poultry eggs. In this article we will talk about the domestic chicken egg, which is the most used.

How to make a Buddha Bowl ?

Ultra good for your health, it’s the star of the photos on Instagram and Pinterest, you must have already seen the famous Buddha Bowl! There are also rainbow bowls, hippie bowls, macro bowls, yoga bowls … in fact these are the variations of names for the same result. You will know everything about this popular…

Top 10 refreshing drinks

It will not surprise anyone but in summer, it’s hot! So in all logic we want to hydrate ourselves, that’s why we prepared top 10 refreshing drinks. Maybe you will find your favorite drink and especially that it will give you inspiration to vary the pleasures !