The first vegan fashion week

The first vegan fashion week will take place on February 1st in Los Angeles. This is another breakthrough for the vegan movement, which has grown considerably in recent years. Having become a true lifestyle, veganism is an awareness of the suffering of the industrial exploitation of animals.

Jewel woolen headband : winter trend !

Who says the return of the cold said return gloves, coats, scarves, hats and especially the famous woolen headbands to protect our ears from the cold without necessarily destroying our entire hairstyle or simply given another style! Here is our selection of 5 bands trendy this winter and also find a DIY to create your…

4 styles of New Year Outfits

For the New Year, we all want to shine like a star on the red carpet throughout the evening to start the new year wonderfully. Sequins, dresses, heels and more are waiting for you to be on your 31. What are the fashion trends for New Year outfits?

Fashion Christmas Sweaters

As every year for the Christmas and New Year parties, Christmas special sweaters are back in fashion. Available in all colors, for all tastes and often at low prices, it is hard not to find your happiness. The trend continues more and more with our desire for fun for the holidays, offbeat spirit, that’s why…

What bra to wear with a backless ?

Of course we could tell you that you can do without this bra when you fall on a beautiful backless, but if it was so easy you would have already done! The shy persons, the generous breasts, the addicts to the maintenance … can not live without a bra but do not want to give…

How to wear a crop top ?

The crop top (this short top that reaches above the navel) is certainly a high appreciated in summer but it is also present for your fall! To wear as well with wide pants, a skirt or shorts, there are several materials and shapes of crop top, Here are our suggestions for this basic new must…

High boots looks 2018

With this autumn full of sun and mild temperatures, we all want to play extra time with our skirts and shorts and what better way to get out our high boots ? Here are some great high boots looks for autumn 2018 that are super easy to recreate!

Fashion Interview : Adeline Ziliox

In the heart of fashion, here is our interview with the designer Adeline Ziliox. A moment of sharing, exchanging on her passion that makes her live and vibrate …

Top 5 FASHION autumn 2018

After the heat of the summer, autumn is often the dreaded season with the return, the return of cold and rain and we wonder what we will be able to wear after spending the summer season with bare legs and in swimming suit. With each season its fashion trends so do not panic if you…

French secondhand fashion market

The thrift stores, the resale on consignment and the “shop my closet” party (even online) are places or even stores that put on sale clothes already used, because of having already been worn their prices fall naturally enormously. There is real enthusiasm for these second-hand sales.