What is the difference between vintage and retro ?

Vintage and retro … We often use these two terms that seem almost interchangeable. Are these synonymous, styles of decorations totally different or rather styles rather close to each other? What is certain is that making the difference between the two terms is not easy.

Chronology of the great decorative styles in France

Louis XIII, Louis XVI, Renaissance, Empire, Art Nouveau … We would lose the head on all these names of styles that sometimes difficult to differentiate. We offer you a short chronological guide to find you there.

Factory design, always an interior trend

The industrial decoration, or factory style, is a trend that has emerged in our interiors over the years and is still present today. Let’s look at this style that seduces even after a century.

The trend of 3D wallpaper

Today we see 3D everywhere around us. There are 3D movies, 3D printers, and there are even 3D wallpapers. A fairly recent decorative trend that is gradually imposing on us to give to our homes. A short overview of a whole new dimension to give to your interior …

Design : yellow in movies !

Let’s go back to the seventh art for the rest of our series on the inspiration in decoration of certain styles of films. This time we’re going to talk about the yellow color, with David O. Russell’s American Bluff movies and Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier.

The most beautiful houseplants

Now that you all know about indoor plants without light, toxic plants and depolluting plants, discover the most beautiful houseplants. Whether you live in an apartment or in a house, greenery and pretty plants, big or small, always have their place in your living rooms.

TOP 10 easy care houseplants

there are many houseplants that do not need light and require little maintenance which is perfect for people who do not have a green thumb. Here is our selection made especially for you!

Toxic indoor plants

Some of you may not know it, but there are houseplants that can be toxic to you, your children or your pets because of the parasites they can leave in the air. Although, generally, houseplants are made to decorate with easy care, some of them can be harmful to your health and you should be aware if you want them in your life.

Depolluting indoor plants

In this article you will find a selection of the best plants that you can have at home to purify your environment