How to have a beautiful skin ?

In our article “Makeup :  preparation and fondation“, it was explained why it is important to carefully clean your face every day morning and evening with adequate products that pamper your skin and not attack it. Today we are going to see some beauty tips on facials. Whether you want your skin to be more…

How to have gorgeous hair ?

We all dream of a voluminous and brilliant hairstyle, beautifully sexy or widly disciplined. It’s quite possible with some simple tips to follow, which will give strength and shine to your hair. Whether dry, thin, fat or brittle, we will explain how to have gorgeous hair!

Makeup : preparation and fondation

To put on makeup at best, there are some basic elements to respect. We have prepared some tips and advice so that your makeup base is perfect.

Guide of cosmetic terms

When one is interested in cosmetology, or simply reads what is written about our cosmetics, we often find terms that seem simply incomprehensible. We have selected an anthology of these sometimes complicated words to explain them to you.