Top 5 best organic lipsticks

At the moment, more and more of you are worried about the composition of their skincare and makeup products, but what about the composition of lipsticks and what brand to buy if you are sensitive to the composition of our beauty products? We bring you all the answers you need in this article dedicated to organic lipsticks and natural origin.

How to make a smoky eyes ?

After having explained to you what the smoky eyes are, you can discover the tips of Vera Lifestyle (influencer) and Linda Barkallah (professional make-up artist) to give you advice so that you succeed your smoky eyes.

What frequency for washing your hair ?

We all have an opinion on the ideal frequency at which to wash the hair, and in front of so much divergence, there is enough to have the hair which stands on the head :)! We conducted our investigation for the sake of your scalp, and here are our results.

“Slow Cosmetics” : what is it ?

Still in the light of the “slow life” lifestyle, the “slow cosmetic” movement, invented by Julien Kaibeck, began to grow more and more thanks to the Slow Cosmetic Association and its partners. The purpose of this movement is to advocate the consumption of natural cosmetics, healthy and reasonable for the environment.

Interview of Catherine Mautord, Nature Effiscience

We are pleased to present to you our interview with Catherine Mautord, founder of the cosmetic brand Nature Effiscience. A highly qualitative brand sold now internationally, whose career is remarkable.

Mascara without clumps

Many of you do not find the famous technique to have lashes without clumps, despite the many mascaras you have tested. Here are different tips for a false eyelash look!

What mascara for short eyelashes ?

Here are the different techniques to have long eyelashes when you have short eyelashes and a selection of three mascaras that will lengthen them.

How to make an homemade mascara ?

In this article, you will find recipes to make your mascara yourself and with ease but we will also talk about the benefits of the products used to create your homemade mascara.

Best mascaras : which model to choose ?

Mascara is really the finishing touch of a makeup, that’s what will make the difference and that will beautify your eyes. This is why it is important to choose a good mascara that will not pack, that will not run and that will hold all day without retouching and that will lengthen your eyelashes and…