Top of spring summer dresses !

Dresses are essential fashion especially for the spring and summer seasons. Worn with sandals, sneakers or heels, they can create different styles while bringing that touch of femininity. Checkered, floral, plain, fluid, long or short, the dresses will look great in these seasons and will never disappoint. Discover the trendy dresses for this spring-summer!

The best of spring-summer dresses

This year, many styles of dresses and patterns are in fashion and will be there to create you very pretty outfits. Basic dresses, the oldest and most colorful make their comeback for spring and summer.

The trendy dress style that makes its appearance for these two seasons is the mid-calf midi dress that gives a retro style. Generally it’s a pretty flared dress style with rather bright or checkered colors, but you’ll also find a lot of brush and plain color. This mid-length dress style has a BCBG side often with a Peter Pan collar or boat.

A style of dress that is going to be very trendy this year is the Cheongsam dress that reminds of the kimono and Asian style. They are generally satin and dark colors such as fir green, navy blue, burgundy or black with small prints such as flowers, birds, plants and so on. This style of dress is quite short with a high collar and very straight but may vary depending on the styles or shops that sell, you can find very long split also. It’s a very feminine dress and very trendy this year.

Dresses shirts are very trendy this year, they have a loose effect and are often over-cut one or two sizes. It is a style of dress quite short and must therefore dare to wear but if they are well accessorized, they will not at all vulgar. Like the shirts, they are often worn V-neck and openwork side with a small slit to give a little more femininity. You will see later in the article how to wear this style of dress and how to associate it.

The dress in jeans, a real trend for this year, whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Depending on the season, consider varying the thickness of the dress so as not to be too cold in winter or too hot in summer. This style of dress was already fashionable a few years ago and is back today for these warmer seasons. Of generally straight shape, they go to all the morphologies and silhouettes since they can be adapted thanks to belts.

Finally, the lace dress becomes very trendy this year to play the femme fatale side and little girl at the same time. Often only a few parts of the dress are lace or else it is entirely lace on a fine plain dress. They are very sophisticated, refined and feminine and are perfect for these seasons and combine with everything.

Some dresses come back in fashion every spring and summer of all years and are therefore timeless. Who go to all the morphologies that save your life during the heat, discover these dresses that are timeless and that you can come out this year.

The best spring summer dresses are timeless

There are summer dresses that remain true classics and so you can come out of your wardrobe every year. Of course, this top of the spring-summer dresses can also be worn during the colder seasons in practically layering (overlay).

What’s better than flowing dresses during hot weather and heatwaves? As every year they continue to appear in the spring-summer fashion trends. Very often light colors to avoid attracting the sun, they are perfect summer dresses that are absolutely with all. The long, flowing white dresses with flared sleeves at the waist are very fashionable and give a small bohemian style and festival that appeals to many of you.

Printed and flowing dresses are also trendy every year and out of the ordinary. The patterns are often small flowers or hearts but they are very fine and discreet patterns. The flower power is very trendy and adds even more this grain of femininity in the summer dresses. This year, do not hesitate to bring out your most beautiful flowing dresses, whatever the event, there are all styles and for all occasions.

Another style of dress very classic and timeless that emerges each year: the knit dresses. Perfect for a little cooler days, they also come with short sleeves so you do not wear them only in winter. They are often very basic with neutral colors because they are rather thick and can therefore already “weigh down” the silhouette. For a more feminine side, you can wear it with pretty heels and for a more casual look, the pair of sneakers is perfect for this kind of dresses.

Finally, for the beautiful summer evenings, the sheath dress (picture at the head of the article) is perfect and continues to please you from year to year. It is a very classy and classy dress style, often with short sleeves, even strapless, with lace or leather inserts to accentuate this sexy side. With a bare back, it is perfect for your big events or for your professional parties. They exist in all colors (black, red, nude, pink, …) and perfectly fit your figure and your shapes in values ​​because they are very close to the body.

How to wear it?

There are many ways to wear these pretty dresses and it’s up to you to find which one suits you best and puts you in the greatest value. However, here are some small ideas of how to accessorize some of the dresses mentioned above to help you with your future spring-summer outfits.

For midi dresses, since they stop mid-calves, it may sink a little if you’re small. In this case, do not hesitate to wear it with small sandals with heels. However, for a more casual look and if you are slimmer, you can very well wear it with pretty sneakers to break this style too classic. These dresses are often tightened at the waist so if you have the size marked, it will go perfectly. If the dress is plain, you can still accentuate the waist with a fine belt of contrasting color.

For dresses shirts or dresses in jeans, it is very likely to tighten at the waist with a big belt, it will create a less loose effect and therefore more feminine. Wear them with waders will avoid a vulgar look since they are often quite short so leggings can hide the legs. For the summer, waders are not very recommended because you may be hot so always to break this look too sexy during the day, do not hesitate to wear your shirt dress with sneakers. In the evening, you can wear it with little heels.

Finally, concerning the fluid dresses, if they are very long, you can wear them with absolutely everything: sneakers, heels, sandals, etc. It’s very nice to associate it with a little jacket or jeans jacket for cool evenings. What is also very trendy and pretty is to put a big knit sweater on top, it will then create it in a skirt and give it a more casual effect. For a more feminine look and if your fluid dress is more sophisticated, wear it with pretty heeled sandals or pumps will lengthen the silhouette and make the dress even more feminine.

Now with all these tips from this top of the spring-summer dresses, you’ll be sure to be up to date and know how to wear them. Feel free to tell us in comment what kind of dresses you like the most and which you wear regularly during these seasons!

photo credit at the head of the article: shooting by Francesco Procopio old school style photo treatment by Anne Sophie Moussard

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