TOP 10 ethical fashion brands

Ethical fashion is a logical continuation of the cause of safeguarding our environment. Here is a list of 10 ethical fashion brands to know absolutely.
Before giving you the list of the 10 ethical fashion brands to know absolutely, I invite you to read the article “Ethical fashion: definition” if it is not already done to better understand the subject.

# 1 Veja /

A mark that respects the environment and animals, reduces the ecological impact of production, but also the depletion of natural resources, thanks to the recycling of raw materials. In addition, Veja promotes the responsible and sustainable work of small Brazilian local producers. This brand also creates baskets for children, women and men.

# 2 EcoAlf /

EcoAlf is a Spanish brand that offers clothing for women and men, it is aimed at a public concerned about the development of responsible work. She also sells some vegan clothes (see our vegan fashion week article). This brand is associated with sinners in order to recover the plastics caught in the oceans for recyclers and transformers in clothing.

# 3 Luxury Bazaar /

Bazar de Luxe is a Belgian brand for Men, Women and Children. The concept is to promote responsible and sustainable production with a reduced impact on the environment and animals. It mainly offers t-shirts sent with recycled packaging.
In addition, after each sale, a percentage is directly redistributed to a cause of animal protection. Bazaar de Luxe is even open to any association proposal so do not hesitate to have your good ideas!

# 4 Treez /

Tree in a French brand selling necklaces and bracelets to finance with a dozen projects. Each sale finances the planting of a tree as well as another achievement of protecting killer whales, elephants and sea turtles in Pedasi. In addition, necklaces and bracelets are made and assembled by people with disabilities.

# 5 Magnethik /

Magnethik is a French brand of bags and coats for women. It is used against animal suffering, which is why the brand exclusively offers vegan products. In addition, the protection of the environment and respect for the human are very important values ​​for Magnethik, do not hesitate to go on their website to better discover this brand.

# 6 Just Ananas /

Just Ananas is a clothing brand made from pineapple leaf fibers. This material is an excellent alternative to animal leather. The manufacture of all products of this brand is more respectful of animal life, but also of the environment.

# 7 Knowledge Cotton Apparel /

Knowledge Cotton Apparel is an excellent Danish mixed clothing brand. In fact, each product is made from organic cotton or recycled plastic. This sportswear brand puts knowledge at the heart of its thinking since 1969.

# 8 Mat & Nat /

Mat & Nat regularly tries new means of production and since 2007 she only uses plastic bottles that she recycles to make a product. She has also recently added to her collections of recycled bicycle tires. Matt & Nat is also sensitive to animal rights and environmental protection and is transmitted in the production of their entirely vegan and sustainable products with the shops that are found in the United States, England, Germany, Japan, Australia.

# 9 Tom’s /

Tom is a clothing brand with an ethical and eco-friendly production approach, but she is also committed to ensuring that every pair of shoes is purchased on their site, either a new pair of shoes or a child. need. To please by making oneself happy and by contributing to sustainable development there is nothing more beautiful!

# 10 Stanley Stella /

Stanley Stella works hard, always and comfortably, to reduce the impact of production on the environment. In addition to being an accumulated brand 5 eco-responsible certifications, it is certified to the people who work in their workshops.

We hope this article will give you search leads for your eco-responsible fashion shopping! Do not hesitate to say if you have other ethical brands that you like.

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