How to do a home made lipstick ?

Hello Fuzzy! As you probably know, we love to share some small ethical and natural tips for your beauty routine. Moreover, by wandering a little on the internet, we had the opportunity to come across a few homemade lipstick recipes based on natural products so we take the opportunity to make an article! We kept the best recipe and also the easiest to make.

This recipe comes from a book of organic cosmetics received with Aroma-Zone packages, it gives a moisturizing lipstick plumping and protective and it’s up to you how much it will be pigmented. It could be for you a first step towards the “Cosmetic Slow

However, even with a lot of dye, it is unlikely that you will have exactly the same result as a classic lipstick, it is actually closer to a colored lip balm than an opaque lipstick it is ideal for coloring damaged lips and protecting them. If you dream of a lipstick well pigmented and of natural origin, I invite you to read our article on the Top 10 RAL long held!

But you will prefer to have a lipstick slightly less colorful and good for your health and the environment than the opposite!

The ingredients for a tube

  • 2g organic yellow beeswax 1
  • Dye (red kiss aroma-zone)
  • Preservative> Vitamin E
  • 6g of raspberry vegetable oil for the smell
  • A small container
  • An empty lipstick pot or tube

At first, put the 2g of beeswax in a small container with the 6g of vegetable oil, heat all in a bain-marie and mix well.

Once the mixture is homogeneous, add the dye of your choice, there are plenty of different. Do not hesitate to really put a significant amount (at least a dozen drops) to have a more pigmented lipstick.

You can now pour a few drops (one or two) of vitamin E that will serve as a fixative and as a preservative for your mixture.

Finally, simply pour the mixture into a tube of empty lipstick or in a jar, then let it cool in the freezer for about fifteen minutes, and that’s it! It’s ready !

This protective and plumping lipstick will give you a very subtle color, very light, very glossy. It has a soft application and is very comfortable to wear!

To turn this lipstick into a lip balm, you have the option to replace the beeswax with coconut oil, however be careful! From an ambient temperature above 21 ° C, the coconut oil becomes completely liquid.

To complete your make up, you can read our selection of organic mascaras.

Where to find the ingredients?

All the ingredients needed for the recipe are available on aroma-zone:

  • Organic beeswax: 2 € 90 30g
  • Colors: from 1 € 90 to 10mL
  • Vitamin E: 2 € 50 per 10 mL
  • Organic vegetable oil: from 1 € the 10mL
  • Tube for lipstick: from 0.45c

And here are the fuzzy! A nice little organic lipstick and respectful of nature! If you have other beauty tips do not hesitate to share them in comments!

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