“Les Indispensables” : fashion book of Anne-Sophie Moussard

“Les Indispensables” by Anne-Sophie Moussard is a book that deals with the main elements of your wardrobe, but from a historical angle and filled with anecdotes! We loved it at FuzzUnivers, so we decided to interview him to learn more about his inspirations and the book’s design.

Interview by Bryan Brière and Inès Marin.

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livre mode insidpensable
Where does your passion for fashion come from?

My passion for fashion is in me since I was a little girl, I loved creating doll clothes, I organized small fashion shows with my girlfriends, and then, my great-grandmother was an embroiderer, we can say that she inspired me a lot.

How comes the idea of ​​writing a book on this theme?

Every year in September, there is the most important release of the year, Vogue, Grazia, Elle … all make great articles with shooting on the essentials of the clothes but where do they come from? what are their stories? I wanted to know, I looked if I found a book on it, but nothing was still around how to create the garment but not that it is its origin, so I decided to create the book that I would have liked to find.

What steps did you take when writing and designing this book?

For me, the best step was the one that allowed me to find how to structure each article. I wanted to be able to read each article individually, in a fun way with different degrees of reading for amateurs or insiders, so that everyone can learn something even if the book is not exhaustive and encourages those who wish to continue research.

If you could do anything again, what would that be?

I would not do it again because writing and publishing a book was relatively long and complicated with the white page phase where I did not yet know how to structure. But I loved doing the photo shoot to illustrate the book, the fact that the models only wear the item described was important as a concept and allowed me to let my creativity speak.

motif animal livre mode

With whom did you really like to collaborate during this adventure?

Photographer Vincent Bordignon, the models, the hairdressers / makeup artists, the designers of some outfits, the trainees who helped me and the reader who had fashion knowledge which is always interesting and of course the graphic designer Larissa Vauthelin. In short, I enjoyed working with all the collaborators who were with me on this project, it was a nice team.

If tomorrow you had a new book to write, what would he talk about?

Probably basic accessories to complete this book. Maybe the evolution of jewelry through the ages, it could be nice.

How long did it take from the moment you had the idea to write it to the moment when the project finally ended?

Between 4 and 5 years, the hardest was to find inspiration after two years of blank page.

Who is this book for?

This book is intended for fashion students, amateurs, enthusiasts and even targets a wider audience. Indeed it has several levels of reading. This book is very playful and the audience is not specifically feminine because it also deals with the history of men’s clothing or pieces in a mixed way. There is also a logic eco-responsible because this book allows us to be aware of what we wear, which is increasingly important nowadays.

trench mode femme livre

Where do all this knowledge come from?

I mainly learned a lot of research in books that I bought in fashion bookstores in Paris but also on the internet.

Will there be a sequel to this book? And on what subject would he wear?

Eventually I plan to make a translation into English, but it would require to redo all the infographic!

And finally, what is your favorite article?

I will say that my favorite article is the perfecto. It has become mixed, international, a true chameleon, its evolution since its origin although one of the most recent is breathtaking. It exists in many materials that allows it to have so many different styles (rock, grunge, punk, classic, chic …). It’s really the piece that has character and is at the same time go-anywhere!

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