New sleep’s technologies

Sleeping is a fundamental physiological action in life. Over time, many stories, tips and recipes have been created to sleep better. In the 21st century, the place to technology to improve our sleep! Indeed, nowadays, sleep is a real problem: a recent study reveals that a third of French people suffer from sleep disorders. A boon for engineers and scientists who have designed new sleep technologies. So, if you too want to improve your sleep with a modern approach thanks to technology, this article is for you!

However, do not hesitate to read our article “How to sleep better?” To know the basics of a good sleep.

Why use technology for sleep?

Today we have the opportunity to improve our sleep through technology. Why deprive yourself? Engineers and scientists have been looking at sleep and all the problems associated with it. Sleep technology brings reliability thanks to its scientific and technological aspect. Diagrams, calculations and tests have been done with care to make our life easier. Practical, simple and powerful, sleep technologies will revolutionize the future of well-being, for a better lifestyle! Some products have already been proven, and that’s why we recommend them.

The olfactory lullaby to fall asleep

The French company Bescent has specialized in olfactory sleep technologies. After the success of its Sensorwake alarm clock, the company markets ORIA, a soothing scent diffuser that will help you fall asleep. Guillaume Rolland, the young entrepreneur from Nantes, 21 years old, is at the origin of the project. He explains, “Perfumes have the almost magical ability to relax, help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply”

The scents are created from natural components, such as lavender, which have health benefits. In effect, the natural benefits of plants are scientifically proven. And unlike sleeping pills, natural fragrances can be used over time without problem of dependence on consumption. The olfactory lullaby is a healthy and practical alternative for falling asleep in peace.

Also think of the essential oils on your pillow!

Smart duvet for a better sleep

Are you tired of having a quilt too hot? Even more annoying when you have to share it … In Montreal, a company invented the product “SmartDuvet Breeze”, a smart duvet that provides the perfect temperature for each occupant of a double bed. Thanks to a simple application on your phone and a box placed under the bed, you can program the activation times of the various desired temperatures.

Depending on the company, this feature can reduce your heating bill and improve your sleep. Indeed, heat is an essential factor in the quality of sleep: you must not be too hot to fall asleep, without catching cold!

We strongly recommend this product that will reduce your heating costs while ensuring unparalleled comfort for quality nights. Guarantee “satisfied or refunded”, you can find the offer on before the out of stock!

Also think about our article about special sleep apps!

The perfect pillow for dreamy nights

We all have already had pillow problems: too hard, too soft, too hot, we turn and go back in all directions! But Fashion Modern in Los Angeles has created “Sunrise Smart Pillow” (the “smart pillow of dawn”). It accompanies your alarm clock with a simulation of natural dawn with or without music. Here is a sleep technology that even has its poetic charm! It’s the perfect pillow to enchant your nights by resting your brain with soothing sound stimulation.

This smart pillow promotes an optimal sleep phase with soothing soundscapes, guided meditations or audiobooks that go out once you sleep. Your sleep can only be improved! Thanks to its positive waves, the “Sunrise Smart Pillow” will make your life easier by helping you to find sleep naturally. It is the ideal solution to spend a good night, in addition to our anti-stress exercises (link article) that will make you forget your hard day.

That’s the Fuzzy! With these wonderful technologies, your sleep can only be beneficial. Rest well and feel free to share this article if you liked.

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