How to make a great picnic?

With the good weather, you’ll want to go picnicking with your friends and / or family! Why ? Because a picnic (or picnic) is nice, it’s friendly, it can also be chic or romantic, in short there is something for everyone, for all tastes and you eat a little everything, everywhere!

You do not know how to do a picnic (preparation / place / menu)? Our article “How to make a picnic?” Will answer your questions!

How to make a picnic: the preparations.

How to make a picnic: the weather

To succeed a pic nic, remember to check the weather! Yes it is an appointment outside that you organize so the weather is crucial.

How to make a picnic: the material

Before talking about “where” and “what to eat”, to make a picnic, you have to talk about material. There are some baskets all made in the trade with a tablecloth, cutlery and glasses but you can also hang a big bag and foresee the following according to the number of people with:

  • cutlery for eating,
  • cutlery to serve,
  • water and alcohol glasses,
  • towels to wipe,
  • one (or several) large tablecloth for the floor or the picnic table,
  • a cooler for drinks and products that must stay cool,
  • a trash bag,
  • even parasol and cushions for more comfort!

For the style, there are pretty colored glasses or crystal style chiseled plastic: it gives the class and it avoids the breakage!

For ecology, favor cutlery and reusable glasses, nothing disposable (and then it’s easier to cut sausage with a real knife, one that is not disposable plastic!), Ditto Tupperware to put your food and Thermos for your drinks (like a good tea)!

TIP: how to succeed a picnic is also think of anti-mosquito creams, sun creams etc, it would be a pity that a sunburn or bites come to spoil this beautiful love, friendly or family!

How to make a picnic: Where to do it?

What is cool with the picnic is that you can do it everywhere because as we have seen it is a super convenient meal to carry. There is no good or bad time for a picnic, it’s a nice meal both lunchtime and evening, weekdays and weekends.

Have a picnic by the beach

The beach is ideal for a picnic because you have a great view of the sea or the ocean so it will make your time even more enjoyable! Seagulls singing, the sound of waves, a toast with iced tea and laughing with friends … Here is a beautiful memory of summer that will warm your winter evenings.

TIP: Eat gently and hydrate at your picnic at the beach so you do not run the risk of hydrocution by going to the water!

Picnic in a park

The parks are also perfect places to have a nice picnic with your loved ones! The grass, the trees, even the water point, will remind you of the beauty of a natural setting even in the city.

Enjoy the afternoon sun for a tan and for the evening, enjoy the sunset during your picnic!

Picnic in the mountains

If you live or are on vacation near the mountain, take the opportunity to go hiking and eat a picnic! The benefits of walking will open your appetite and you will enjoy even more of your picnic break to regain energy!

What a menu for a nice picnic?

The picnic “aperitif dinner” chic

You can have a picnic at home in your garden with guests as part of an occasion such as a wedding or birthday! Or just give a little chic to a romantic picnic. How to make a picnic “apéro dinatoire”? We advise you :

  • The verrines: ham / cucumber / white cheese or salmon / avocado very simple to make because everything is cold!
  • Canapés and toasts: the sofas are mini sandwiches so put what you want! Toasts are a toasted bread spread with something: foie gras, tarama, caviar or lympe eyes, make yourself happy! (Be careful to keep the freshness for the foods that need it). Think also about crusted pies.
  • Skewers of cherry tomatoes and mini balls of mozzarella, or melon balls with Serrano ham.
  • A beautiful basket of fruits
  • The drinks: punch, lemonade or cocktail mimosa, mark the coup for your picnic “aperitif dinner”!

TIP: For toast, keep the toasted breads together and the toppings separate, everyone will spread what he wants. This will ensure that the toppings do not soften the bread, and it’s just as pretty, if you make a nice plate of toasted breads placed in a fan.

The picnic between friends

Here no fuss, no great preparation upstream, no small dishes in the big!

Everyone can bring a cake, fruit, iced tea, other accompaniments etc! We put everything in the middle and we use …

  • A rice salad with corn, tuna, tricolored peppers, boiled eggs.
  • Salty cakes: cake zucchini – goat cheese – pine nuts or olives – chorizo.
  • Vegetable dips: cut raw carrot sticks, but also cucumber, not to mention cauliflower and radishes and tramp them a homemade tzatziki.
  • Cheeses, cold meats (and therefore bread!).
  • Gaspacho.
  • Seasonal fruits.
  • Drinks: iced tea.

No need to explain how to achieve a special picnic diet. We do not eat diet because we are on a diet, it’s just a healthy and thoughtful way to consider the food of our body. Just be careful not to overdo it;)

We hope you enjoy our article on “how to make a picnic?”! Good picnic Fuzzy!