Tips for a dream travel for good price

As summer approaches, travel offers are multiplying on the internet and you do not know which to choose because your budget is limited? Do not panic, there are many destinations that are not necessarily known that will satisfy you as much as an expensive vacation in Dubai, Bali or Las Vegas and where you will also be guaranteed to spend a summer of madness!

How to organize your dream trip at low prices?

A dream trip is good to dream but you have to start by organizing it to make it happen and to spend a holiday even better than you would have hoped. Do not worry, the days when the best deals were long in advance are over and the last minute has a bright future, so you can book your trip cheaply well in advance of the date of departure. departure or at the last minute, it is at these two moments that good deals are played.

In any case, we advise you to download free applications on your phones like SKYSCANNER, TRIPADVISOR, AIRBNB and COUCHSURFING that will help you to find accommodation, find the best deals for your dream destination. Look at accommodation, restaurants etc with many good reviews. Few opinions is a risk but it may just mean that the place has just opened! In front of many excellent reviews and many horrible opinions, you have to be suspicious, negative opinions are not there for nothing. If the reviews are 90% excellent, very good and well go there with your eyes closed, unless an incident everything will be fine!

You can also find price brackets to fix the destinations that meet your criteria, which will save you more time than losing you on the internet where you can find anything and everything at the risk of being ripped off. .

We advise you to list on a sheet of paper the destinations of your dreams which attract you particularly, to write your budget in a corner of the paper and to note beside each country the necessary budget to have. After that, it will be much easier for you to see clearly because you will only have to select those whose budget does not exceed yours and the turn and played: you just have to reserve!

Where to book your destination at low prices?

Subjected: “Yes, but what if all the destinations of my dreams exceed my budget? ”

For this it is not a problem because there are several destinations that you may not know but that will satisfy you perfectly! We have made a small listing that can give you ideas for choosing destinations.

Greece at a low price:

This destination is perfect for you if you want to go to the sun because the cost of living has dropped dramatically in recent years. We recommend the little known islands Paros and Skiathos where you can have fun at low prices. The Greek landscapes attract by their white houses with colorful roofs with azure sea so do not hesitate and book now!

Useful information :

meal in a cheap restaurant: 6 euros

return flight France-Greece: 300 euros

taxi: 4 euros

See our article on Santorini for exemple !

Turkey at a low price:

The Turkish Riviera will fit you perfectly if you have a small budget! We particularly recommend the city of Turunç where you can party and enjoy your vacation without being stifled by the crowds of tourists from major cities. You will be able to find cheap hotels perfect to go to several without being mowed at the end.

Useful information :

avoid paying in euros as you will be disadvantaged with high exchange rates

take the bus (low cost travel) to go from one city to another

eat on the go in the street for less than 5 euros

Eastern European countries at low prices:

If you are not a fan of a holiday in the sun or want to discover rarer destinations than beaches in summer, we recommend you to spend your stay in Slovakia or in Germany.

Our tips:

The Slovak High Tatras are for you if you like the mountain in the summer to go hiking in beautiful surroundings.

Berlin is also very popular in summer: the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, Alexander Platz and Fernsehturm will make your trip memorable.

Practical information :

flights Paris-Bratislava from 40 euros

Paris-Berlin flights from 27 euros

What to do to enjoy a max of your dream destination at low prices?

This is the time to make you happy, whether doing lots of activities that you have found during the organization of your holidays (by paying less for internet tickets for example or know which day is cheaper or there is an inauguration, an open house or other!) or simply to go to the unknown in the mazes of the streets.

Walking, watching is free (yes!) and full of benefits ! Then take a stroll to immerse yourself in the culture of the country, speak with its inhabitants, admire its architecture, observe its habits and customs. Why not try to learn a few words and note them in a notebook that may be useful if you come back and in any case it will make you a beautiful memory. Do not forget to take pictures to immortalize the moment but without forgetting to live the moment first! You will be delighted to return to France after your dream vacation and keep a good memory.

Hoping that you liked this article and if you have good vacation plans, do not hesitate to share them with the community of FUZZY!