Visit the beautiful greek island of Santorini

Santorini, the most beautiful of the Greek islands … Just by saying it, you already see yourself there: the immaculate walls, the countless typical blue doors and a breathtaking view of the sea. Here are some ideas for. Make the most of your trip to Santorini!

In the dream destinations at low prices you will find Greece because it is a beautiful country which, because of the economic crisis, attracts a lot of share of its attractive prices. Santorini is the ideal destination to spend a dream summer if you still do not know where to go on vacation.

Escape during your trip to Santorini

As it is an island, Santorini requires that you go there by boat so it is from there that your trip takes all its charm. Once on the old port, take a donkey to climb to Fira which is the capital of the island. This winding road, the view of Caldeira Bay and the warmth of your proud steed will be a great memory. Let yourself be tempted by a restaurant in one of the many narrow streets of Fira or in an inland village far from the tourists or in a tavern at the edge of the water.

Our culinary advice during your trip to Santorini: taste the famous Greek salad with olives and capers, grilled over a wood fire, fresh fish and fried tomato balls called “domatokeftedes”. For drinks, quench your thirst with Vinsanto or Assyrtiko, which are sure to please Santorini wines.

Santorin tour en ane

What to visit in Santorini?

Santorini is an exceptional island of Greece located in the Aegean Sea. It is also called Théra or Thíra, it is located among a small volcanic archipelago including four other islands. It is a remnant of an old island partially destroyed around 1600 BC. AD during the Minoan eruption and is now the most famous island of Cyclades!

Fira or Thera

Ten minutes from the port, this city looks like a gigantic white staircase will delight you for its breathtaking views and unique heritage, you can visit the ruins of Venetian palaces, churches such as that of Agios Minas, the Cathedral Hypapandi and many more. other equally rich buildings of culture.

Visit the village of Oia

Architectures worthy of the most beautiful postcards, a paradise and idyllic, this is what the village of Oia has to offer. It is perched at the top of the caldera and is renowned for being a very romantic place where you can see sumptuous sunsets. At dusk, the sun that crashes on the horizon leaves an incandescent yellow-red in the sky that illuminates the typical white and blue facades of the village.

The volcano of Santorini

Santorini is actually the emergent part of the caldera of the volcano that erupted 3600 years ago, when Santorini Island and its two islets appeared: Therassia and Aspronissi. The last eruptions dates from 1950. Today we can still see fumaroles, signs of the permanent activity of the volcano. These signs are not dangerous but very impressive to see, depending on the times of the year during which you will want to visit it.

The Red Beach

South of Santorini, there is a beach that, as the name suggests, is entirely red. It owes its color to sand composed of volcanic residues. Reminiscent of the stones of Grand Canyon, it is a beach to visit if you are in the area, it is worth the detour!

The museums of Santorini

Visiting the prehistoric museum of Thera is like diving into the long and rich history of the island. The prehistoric museum houses important discoveries that were highlighted during the excavations of Akrotiri. Impressive plaster furniture moldings, bronze pottery objects and the famous golden statuette of the wild goat.

Alternatively, you can also visit the Archaeological Museum, which displays collections of sculptures and inscriptions from the archaic era to Roman times.

Culture during your trip to Santorini


Speaking of local wine, Santorini is a wine-producing land and many large wineries offer tours with tasting of their best bottles. There is even a great underground wine museum! Indulge yourself with this visit and tasting of an hour with audio guide for 7 € (Wine Museum).


If you like hiking, here is one not to be missed. There are 12 kilometers of beautiful landscapes and white houses between Oia and Imerovigli, where you will find the chapel so often photographed in Santorini.


Do not forget to take a swim in the hot springs and visit the volcano, which is also the source of the spectacular view of the Caldera and its beaches with its many colors: black, red, white, fine sand or pebble …
No worries, however, about the volcano, the last eruptions date from the 50s, since only gases and vapors spring from time to time.

Where to stay when you visit the Greek island of Santorini

The hotels for your Santorini trip

The island of Santorini does not lack great hotel rooms with infinity pool, something to want to refresh before breakfast always with extraordinary views. A good morning swim will wake you up and, above all, refresh you because by this summer, temperatures will rise to more than 35 ° C in Santorini. A dive will fall perfectly to satisfy you and you will tan all the better once in the water!

PS: you can also go through Airbnb but always pay attention to the opinions of previous travelers.

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If you are looking for a destination abroad that is not too far away and you do not necessarily know it, we hope that our travel article in Santorini will have you more and that our tips will motivate you to make your trip a reality! Feel free to share the article on social networks to give travel ideas to your loved ones.

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