TOP 5 dystopian books

You are interested in dystopian books and you do not know what to read? Here is a non-exhaustive list of dystopian books that will please you and transport you into exciting stories.

“The best of worlds”

The best of worlds written by Aldous Huxley takes us to a world organized and governed by the world state. Everything is done in this society so that everything is perfect. Humans are born artificially in incubators. They are then conditioned in rooms to direct their emotions, their feelings and to return them in molds so that they are perfect in a perfect world. Everyone looks alike and thinks like everyone else. But, in a New Mexico Reserve a man managed to escape the World State program. Will he succeed in becoming different, thinking for himself or will he finally be conditioned like everyone else? To answer this question we let you read the book.

“Fahrenheit 451”

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 describes a world where all homes are now fire-retardant and firefighters are no longer putting out fires. They are now burning everything that disturbs the government, that is, the books. (NB: a book burns at about 233 degrees Celsius so 451 degrees Fahrenheit, hence the title!). In this book, you will follow the sad and monotonous life of one of these firemen living with his wife, cut off from the world. This character performs his job with passion. He loves to burn books and people guilty of owning them …

“Solar Lottery”

Solar lottery written by Philip K. Dick tells the story of a world government where everything is organized around draws, even the role of the world leader. One day a simple electronic technician lucky to become a gambler. Unfortunately, in this world, the assassination of the leader is allowed. This book will transport you into an eventful and thought-provoking story.

“Walk or die”

Stephen King’s Walk or Die is a title that sums up the story of the book. The author describes an American company proud of its soldiers and organizes every year a march where 100 young people under 18 participate. The goal is simple. They must walk without stopping so that only one remains. Indeed, in this march, there are strict rules. If you do not respect them with a warning. After three warnings, you are shot in the head. This inhuman march forces you to fight both physically and mentally. You absolutely must win and finish last, but at what cost?

“The scarlet maid”, a classical dystopian book

Margaret Atwood’s Scarlet Maid tells the story of the Gilead Republic founded by religious fanatics in a world where fertility has dropped drastically. We discover some women not yet sterile reduced to sexual slaves in order to safeguard the human species. Nevertheless, a woman, thinking of the old days when they were still free, has the ambition to join a secret network. His only goal is to try to regain his freedom and that of all the scarlet maids.

Well, good reading to all Fuzzy! And do not forget the dystopian films if the subject interests you.

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