The origins of energy drinks

We all know the fatigue after the workout and a little boost would be welcome. Some opt for energy drinks, but do you know their origin?

Alcohol and the first energy drinks

At the very beginning, in the 1900s, alcohol was associated with sports effort. This was mainly due to the lack of knowledge of the functioning of our organization and some beliefs that were taught from generation to generation.

For the record, it was not uncommon to see cyclists in the Tour de France drink beer between two stages to stimulate their body. And, they were not totally wrong to consume it. In fact, beer contains water, carbohydrates, proteins and micronutrients and makes it a good isotonic drink. This means that beer allows you to replace the fluids and nutrients you lost during exercise to help prevent cramps and promote recovery. By saying this we do not advise you to consume alcohol after the sport on the contrary, we advise you to opt for non-alcoholic beers. Indeed, alcohol dehydrates and would therefore do the opposite of what we are looking for.

The first true alcohol-free energy drinks began to be marketed in small cans and offered consumers the opportunity to hydrate the body during physical exertion with mineral salts, carbohydrates, vitamins and water. Indeed, it is in perspiration that we lose these nutrients and consume them allows us to boost us during our sports sessions and can better recover after the effort.

Nowadays, energy drinks are in the form of powder and mix with either water or milk depending on preferences. They can also see different tastes and allow a contribution during the effort or post sport for an optimization of the performances and the gain of muscle.

Why consume energy drinks?

First of all, the simplest reason is that it allows you to hydrate during your physical efforts. Indeed, your body loses a lot of fluid through perspiration and you need to compensate for this loss. Energy drinks are very good supplements.

These drinks also provide carbohydrates which are the essential elements for the body to nourish it. They also store and provide the necessary energy that will be consumed during your workouts.

Like carbohydrates, energy drinks bring you mineral salts that are very important for your body and are normally found in animal and plant foods.

Finally, they allow you to consume different vitamins that will allow you to give you energy during your workouts and surpass your limits to give the best of yourself.

All these contributions will allow you to have better performance, avoid the appearance of cramps and muscle pain due to lack of hydration and help your body better recover between two sports sessions.

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