The best long lasting lipsticks

Aaaaah the lipsticks, we saw in the previous article the top of french organic lipsticks and what interests us today, is a crucial subject: the holding of the lipsticks. For this, here is a little top 10 lipsticks with which you can eat, drink, kiss … short wear all day without worry.

It is well known that lipsticks with the longest hold are the “matte liquid lipstick”. In addition it is one of the big trends of the moment!

It is therefore through these that we will start this non-exhaustive top of lipsticks offering exceptional performance.

Kat Von D liquid lipsticks

You may know some Kat Von D from a TV show about tattoos? And did you know that the career of the famous tattoo artist does not stop at the show LA Ink, she has been for some years creator of a brand of make-up which has been able to make a big place on the international market for the unique colors, coverage and incredible hold of its range of liquid lipsticks.

To have tested them personally I can assure you that his lipsticks keep their promise! From the mat, incredible coverage and especially a breakfast outfit at dinner!

Sephora price 19 € 99 for a volume of 6.6 ml

Tattoo Couture – Yves Saint Laurent

This range is really interesting, it has fresh colors, classic and have a slightly shiny finish.
These lip inks make the successful promise of unparalleled comfort: the feeling of wearing nothing, as if your lips were tattooed in ink.
However, be careful with the choice of your colors, some very light shades may take some time to dry and require several layers to be visible. This remains an excellent product very pigmented that holds all day.

35 € 50 for a capacity of 6 ml

lipstick liquid

The Maybelline New York SuperStay 24 Color Series

24h without transfer, extreme comfort … Hydration and shine guaranteed!

If you are looking for a lipstick that holds very well without being too dull which may mark your folds, you can turn to this range findable in supermarkets. This lipstick is composed of two tips: one to apply liquid ink and the second is a transparent stick that will allow your lipstick to hold all day. This second stick will give a beautiful glowy appearance to your lips!

There are 15 different shades rich in pigments / 14 € 90 for 9 ml

The liquid lipstick “Dior”

What is really appreciable in this range is the applicator really easy to use, it just keeps enough product to make the whole mouth: when you look carefully at the foam tip you can see that there is a slight hollow inside so that the product can nestle there before being applied on the lips. It is very soft and especially it is perfect to redraw the lips!

For most liquid lipsticks it is useful to make the outline of the lips with a pencil of the same color beforehand but with the Dior it’s useless! This lipstick keeps its promises and is self-sufficient. This range exists in three different styles: matte, metallic, satin.

38 € for a capacity of 6 ml

Long lasting lipstick : The Velvetines range from LimeCrime!

If you like the make up, it is impossible for you to miss this range and its ultra colorful packaging!

They offer incredible coverage to your lips, a color range from the most nude to the brightest colors, and they come out very regularly new shades!

Small tip: the foam tip is very loaded product, so remember to wipe the edge of the container or the back of your hand to remove the excess before you apply it.

19 € 90 for a capacity of 2.6 ml

long last lipstick

The liquid lipstick “Sephora”

The next range that I will talk about is very good value for money, it is the matte liquid lipstick of the brand Séphora. The brand offers a wide choice of 59 different colors ranging from the most classic red to electric purple, through flashy colors to more nude shades.

10 € 99 for a capacity of 5 ml

SuperStay Matte Ink “Maybelline”

Once again I place Maybelline in this top! But this time I can say that these lipsticks will be those who will hold a life if necessary! The last time I swatted one on the back of my hand, the trace remained clear for several days despite my washing hands inadvertently!

Despite the fact that this top is not exhaustive, I think that if I had to give a gold medal to a lipstick for his outfit, he would be in this range, without a doubt!
Unlike the other range of Maybelline, it is very matte (in addition it smells very good chocolate and has lots of bright colors!)

14 € 90 the 5 ml

The liquid lipstick “Huda Beauty”

The brand of the youtubeuse American has not stopped to talk about it since the release of its first line of lipstick and palettes for the eyes … The big plus of liquid lipsticks Huda Beauty is that each red Lip with its matching pencil, so it’s more problem to make the perfect contour of the lips! And of course, they hold even longer if you apply the pencil first! Whether it is the matte range or semi-matte quality is at the rendezvous …

21 € 99 the 5 ml

The liquid lipstick range “Anastasia Beverly Hills”

This range is one of the best we can find at the level made and held. The opacity at the rendezvous, an incredible outfit that does not deteriorate even during a good meal … It is also one of the great brands to have such a wide range of nude colors!

28 colors available on the site of Sephora at € 24 for a capacity of 3.2g.

Small tips for gorgeous lips: these lip inks hold so well that a gloss on top will not alter the color and give volume to your lips.

lipstick everlasting

Liquid lipstick high matte finish “Kiko Cosmetics”

And to finish this superb selection here are the liquid lipsticks Kiko, which also have a quality / price ratio quite interesting. The lipsticks are opaque and hold throughout the day, the applicator is very thin which allows to achieve a very precise lip contour, so there is no need to buy a lip pencil with.

Small flat: it takes a little time to dry and it happens to make traces on glasses or cutlery throughout the day, but despite this, the lipsticks of this range are no less excellent!

Unfortunately this liquid lipstick is a limited edition and you can not find it at Kiko at certain times of the year, but if by chance you fall on it, it is worth it!

7 € 99 for a capacity of 6 ml

That’s the fuzzy! We hope that this small selection will have pleased you. Feel free to share this article with your friends.

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