Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is more than this plant with purple flowers and soothing virtues. It has a lot of benefits, especially when in the form of essential oil … Let’s see today the various uses of essential oil of lavender!

Lavender essential oil

Also called fine lavender, it has regenerating virtues, it is ideal in case of burn or scratch. It can also treat a number of infections thanks to its antiseptic, relaxing and soothing properties. It allows to act at the same time on the health, the well-being and the beauty of those who use it.

In health, she is an ally not to be underestimated

  • It soothes and soothes the nervous system
  • It can serve as a muscle painkiller in case of stretching or elongation (It is a muscular relaxant)
  • It serves as an anti-inflammatory on an open or closed wound
  • It regenerates the skin of an open wound (regenerating and healing virtues)
  • It is also an antispasmodic that helps limit stomach or ovarian cramps
  • It is very effective as anti-lice repellent, ticks, fleas or bed fleas
  • It is therefore very effective in healing scars, disinfecting areas at risk and massaging stretched muscles and scare off ugly animals like lice or ticks.

Well-being, the essential oil of lavender is very used by adding a few drops of it in a bath to relax the body, the nervous system and even the spirit thanks to its many relaxing virtues.

For its body use, it can be applied cutaneously 1 or 2 drops directly on the skin or diluted in a vegetable oil before applying directly to the skin in the context of anxiety, anxiety, acne , bronchitis, burning, headache, contracture, sunburn, rosacea, cramp, itchy skin, dermatitis, muscle aches, eczema nervous, eschar, as aftershave, d arterial hypertension, laryngitis, migraines, cutaneous mycosis (thanks to its anti-fungal properties), otitis, palpitations, insect stings, psoriasis, painful periods, rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, abdominal spasms, nervous spasms, spasmodic cough …

Another highlight of the true lavender essential oil is that it is very useful also by the respiratory route. By diffusion, inhalation or olfaction it calms: agitation, anxiety, asthma, emotions, sudden mood changes, high blood pressure, insomnia, irritability, difficult sleep , spasmophilia attacks, stress, psychic tension …

In short, it calms all that is related to stress and the various symptoms related to it and also to treat trauma to the skin with its healing and soothing virtues.

The aspic lavender

It has all the virtues of true lavender essential oil, while having some of its own thanks to the camphor it contains (between 8 and 50%) such as:

  • Anti-toxic virtues (eg against viper bites)
  • Antiviral and immune stimulant (strengthens your immune system)
  • Expectorant (bronchial fluidifier to release the bronchi)
  • Virucidal (kills viruses)

Be careful however to the contraindications of these essential oils, it is important not to use if you are pregnant, if you are breastfeeding or on your child under 8, do not use orally without discussing it with a prior doctor.

And here are the fuzzy! You know more about the essential oils of true lavender and lavender aspic, it’s up to you to take care of a few sores and especially to relax!

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