Best organic French brands

Organic being more and more present in our society and especially in our food. But when is it organic clothing? Here is our selection of French eco-friendly clothing brands.

This list is of course not exhaustive, tell us in comment if you have others that you particularly like!

Modetic /

Since 2007, the Modetic brand has been committed to producing mixed clothing using eco-responsible, non-toxic and organic materials such as organic cotton or other natural fibers such as linen.

Modetic also uses recycled or carefully diverted materials from our waste. The brand also guarantees through its partners the durability of their clothing as well as the traceability of their production sectors.

Their ecological approach goes even further. Indeed, their eco-designed shops by local artisans are powered by clean energy! Modetic promises an accessible collection of clothes, shoes and accessories made in France, in Europe or from fair trade.

Eros and Agape /

Eros and Agape is an imagined clothing brand, designed and manufactured in France and especially in Toulouse. All the design is carried out thanks to a traditional French know-how coupled with a technological modernity in order to allow the realization of ecological products of quality.

For the brand, respect for our environment, the animals and the people who make the clothes is very important. It is part of an ethical fashion approach. Like the previous brand, Eros and Agape chose natural fiber raw materials with GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD) or Oeko-Tex labels to offer high quality and durable clothing.

The Gentle Factory /

The Gentle Factory promotes the short circuit with a French production to limit its impact on the environment. Each product of this brand is made by a professional craftsman and expert in his field to offer quality parts.

The shop La Gentle factory mainly offers clothing and accessories made in a process of safeguarding and protection of the environment with the use of natural, organic and recycled materials to give a second life to your clothes remained far too long in your closets.

Ekyog /

Ekyog is a French brand born in 2003 with the ambition to offer a wide range of clothing produced from organic and recycled natural materials. This mark prohibits any substance harmful to your health and that of the environment.

Ekyog proposes itself as a creator of an ethical, creative and feminine fashion. His slogan ? “A fair fashion and that makes beautiful”

Veja /

Veja is a brand working with small producers in a fair trade approach. The production of raw materials is done through an agro-ecology system that respects the environment, certified organic and to fight against deforestation.

Veja offers shoes whose making of leather is more ecological than normal thanks to a technique of vegetable tanning (“tanned leather with acacia extract”). This process makes it possible to release less chemicals and toxic chemicals into the environment.

Here is our selection of brands made in France for clothes and some accessories. If you want to know more about the concept of Slow Life, it’s not HERE!

Photography Francesco Procopio

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