Factory design, always an interior trend

The industrial decoration, or factory style, is a trend that has emerged in our interiors over the years and is still present today. Let’s look at this style that seduces even after a century.

Industrial decoration, what is it?

Born more than a century ago in the USA, the industrial style is simply the adoption in our homes of furniture that was destined for industrial factories. Imagine yourself in New York, in a loft used as a studio by an artist. Many raw materials, and furniture are sober, functional and retro. This is the factory style. A look both chic and urban, while remaining raw and sober.

The industrial decoration is a bit like a factory 100 years ago, with assembly lines, Fordism, working life. The furniture is simple but strong, built to last. They are also functional, and practical. Workstations, adjustable metal stools, retractable lamps … But all this adapted to our homes and apartments.

This style mainly uses wood and metals, but also glass and concrete. Really everything one could find in a factory of yesteryear. From lamps to wardrobes to armchairs and tables. And associates itself very well with the industrial architecture, that is to say with the use of visible concretes, or with the red bricks, the big glassworks …

factory kitchen

Industrial decoration, why adopt it?

We want to adopt it precisely for its characteristics. Give a chic and retro touch to your decor with an aged zinc fixture hanging in the kitchen, for example. Wood and metal combine very well, and this style, which leaves visible materials, really gives a unique character to an interior. The industrial style has this raw side very attractive because it is both simple and complex. And that he has advantages.

For example, you can associate furniture that is visibly odd, with different chairs, for example. As long as we can believe in a factory or workshop everything is allowed or almost. The design of the furniture goes to the essential, the most effective, but can still impress, for example a large storage cabinet with metal and raw wood.

factory design bedroom

Where to find industrial decoration?

We can say that there are two styles of industrial decoration. The old pieces, the kind to have actually been used in a factory, and more modern parts, created by signs to look like what was found in factories.

Antique furniture is quite rare to find, and can sometimes reach a very high price. However, we can always find small jewels in flea markets, or at antique shops, so do not hesitate to look for the rare pearl when you pass near a garage sale or flea market, and sometimes, it does not need a little elbow grease to refurbish this kind of furniture. Some original manufacturers also tend to republish some furniture, for example the famous lamp Jieldé, several new models remaining true to the spirit of origin have been produced (in the photo below and for more info click on it For “new” furniture, they can be found at affordable prices in new decoration or furniture stores.

Our advice for an industrial decoration

This style can be combined with a lot of furniture, decorations, and even other styles, and mismatching your furniture can be a great idea. However, avoid colors that are too bright and eye-catching (like yellow from top to bottom!), or materials such as plastic.

On the contrary, the factory style is often combined with Art Deco furniture, or with vintage furniture. Why not a leather club chair, which combines particularly well with the industrial decoration, as leather furniture in general.

factory interior sofa

As said a little earlier, it is possible to find “original” coins, on the net or in flea markets. Do not hesitate to give even more character to your decoration by adding some furniture of recovery, a touch of nice authenticity which is not necessarily found with recent furniture.

Do not hesitate to play with the sizes, in a factory, some furniture could have large proportions, why not a massive dining table or a huge frame for your wall.

The factory style can sometimes seem dark, or cold, but it is possible to brighten up your decoration by remaining in the tone. With textiles, such as cushions or curtains, rugs or blankets. And why not with some houseplants that will add life to your home sweet home.

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