French applications to eat smarter

Diet is the key to being healthy, boosting your immune system and making your body work properly. Coupled with sport and a healthy lifestyle, it is the insurance to give everything you need to your body so that it is at its best. So if you do not necessarily have the time to concoct homemade dishes and count all the carbohydrates in every bite of bread, this selection of applications is for you!

Although eating well at first seems simple, it is a bit more complicated to know what is really in the products we buy, especially processed foods and other frozen foods. The applications we will present will teach you to balance your own meals, to have details on what they contain or to better follow your specific diet (flexitarian, gluten, vegan …).

Yuka, the smart food app

This is the best known and probably the most practical nutritions application. It is very easy to use: just scan the barcode of a product found in a shop or supermarket and the application notes its composition on a scale from 1 to 100 while indicating the ingredients bad for the health.

It may be that after downloading you develop the syndrome “yuka”, which is the one to have the desire to see the need to scan absolutely everything that contains a barcode, not just food products.

iGourmand, all lightness

You can put away the dusty cookbooks in the closet. Even if it’s only “not to have bought it for nothing” or to feel better about the person who gave it to you, you can put it away, you will not need it with the app for better eating iGourmand!
If you have made the decision to lose weight or eat less fat as part of your personal development quest, this interactive recipe book is for you! With its 101 different recipes at less than 400 calories, you can be sure of eating light and being able to achieve your goals, thanks to a healthy lifestyle and especially frequent physical activity.

Culibo, nutrition and health

This is the most complete health app we’ve found, it has everything you need: simple, healthy and balanced recipes, it adapts to the needs of your morphology, and even offers a calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables!

Even more crazy, you just enter the meals you plan to cook, the number of people and she realizes herself a shopping list with the ideal quantities to meet your needs and those of your family. In short, it is the perfect ally in the face of food letting go!

The application also offers a service called “HealthKit” that allows you to track your intake of sugars, calories and vitamins throughout the day and to modulate your contributions so that you are sure to have a complete diet!

In short, Culibo is more than 500 listed ingredients, 200 recipes, and 8,000 meals and even a well-being area with various categories: sport, detox, beauty, senior, mental, heart and finally digestion. Never has a free application been so complete.

YouALaCarte, the perfect city assistant

Tired by the offer at first sight too narrow on the very specialized catering? Whether you are a vegan, a sports enthusiast, subject to dietary restrictions of a certain belief or religion? “You A La Carte” has found a solution to find out where to eat!

This last application is a little less health-oriented than the previous ones, but it is nonetheless very useful. It allows each profile to find the place to eat according to their food preferences! Just that !

For the moment only developed in Paris, the application should seize new French cities by 2020.

To learn more about nutrition, you can read our article about Garlic, a superfood or more generally about the benefits of superfoods!

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