Twapero in Strasbourg

What if social networks became real? The networks are good, but in reality it’s better! But make real Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn should seem impossible to you? However, a new concept proves the opposite by allowing Instagramers, Twittos and LinkedIn users to meet in Strasbourg. Once you have tasted the Twapéros, you will not get tired of it. But what is a Twapéro?

Do you know the social network Twitter? Do you like to eat appetizers? The Twapéro is for you! Indeed, the Twapéro is a subtle mix of these two rather seductive words. The concept is very simple, gather Internet users in mythical places in the beautiful city of Strasbourg, which is full of many must-see places. But who is hiding behind these events? Well it’s a young project manager from Strasbourg in construction and heritage named Géraud. After being invited to an evening in an Alsatian bar, in order to “put a face on a nickname” he decided to get his hands dirty. For this, since 2016, only Géraud, also known as @ @ SxbGG, organizes the Alsatian Twapéros with an unmeasurable motivation. However, “the concept of Twapéro already existed in some cities of France, including Rennes and Angers” says Géraud.

Some original concepts for the Twapero

Nevertheless, this young strasbourg decided to stand out and put three concepts in place. The first was to meet Internet users, in other words to “switch from online to offline”. And what happens at these parties is amazing. Sometimes after months of virtual discussions, people meet (finally) for real. But over the evenings, bonds are formed, friendships are created and contacts are made. It is possible to meet people representative of our current society. That is to say that young and old are invited, through enthusiasts of photos, videos, communication, social networks or even gastronomy and we pass … If you like to meet, is to the Twapéros that you should find yourself!

Added to this first concept, the concept of discovery. Indeed, Géraud allows us to “(re) discover unusual places” of our beautiful Strasbourg. Number of times that you have to say “oh I would like to visit this” or “but what could I see again in Strasbourg? “. The Twapéros respond to your desires for novelties. Géraud allows you to go to unusual places, where you would never have imagined sipping delicious drinks. Take the example of the famous roof of the European Parliament. You realize, enjoy an aperitif on the roof of this building so known and so important, Géraud allows you. But it does not stop there, you can also discover museums, buildings such as the City Hall through the fabulous fly boats. Twapéros are thus more than meetings, but real moments of culture. These evenings highlight the beautiful heritage of Strasbourg and energize the city in a very nice way.

Finally, the last concept in list is that of valorizing “local talents”. Indeed, Géraud is very fond of the local terroir and its inhabitants. That’s why he calls on them to liven up evenings, whether with photographers, winemakers, caterers or even brewers. These people make us more fully discover their know-how and their know-how while entertaining us. Is not this an original concept?

Rich and unforgettable experiences

We had the honor to participate in two Twapéros, one in the new brewery Le Tigre and one at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Strasbourg. These two places illustrate well the cultural and local side put forward during these festivities. So on one side we were able to taste delicious Kronembourg beers and the mythical Flammenkueche. On the other hand, we discovered an exhibition on the theme of the digital era while tasting food from a local chef.

Thus, the relational and cultural aspects, we guarantee you. After now almost 15 editions, the concept is adopted by many people. A “core is loyal and we all know each other,” says Geraud. It’s as if we have the opportunity to create a second family, a family both digitized and very real. So successful that LinkedIn has made its entry into the two networks, not to mention that Twitter is obviously the pioneer of this adventure. We therefore hope that the Twapéros will continue to evolve in the heart of Strasbourg, bringing together more and more passionate and passionate people around stories, aperitifs and without forgetting THE NETWORKS!

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