Top 10 of what to do when you are bored

Sometimes, when we do not have much to do and boredom wins, we have no ideas for entertainment or simply to spend time. You can think of watching the passing of time or be happy to have the opportunity to “get bored”, or read our article about happiness in everyday life! If you still need ideas, here are a top 10 ideas of things to do when you’re bored.

Rethink your interior design

A good way to spend time when you have nothing to do. Just look around and imagine how to optimize your interior. Add a trinket here, put a club chair over there, change some furniture room … A job to dust off your decoration and make a change. You can also visit an antique dealer or a flea market to find some hidden treasures.

Make contact with old friends

If you have nothing to do and you get bored, why not get in touch with some people lost to sight, or just make a phone call to a friend you have not spoken to since lease ? This is a good way to chase away boredom and have a little fun.

To cook

The kitchen is to find an idea of ​​a small dish with seasonal fruits and vegetables, to prepare the ingredients, to mix, to season, to watch the cooking and thus to have a good time which will probably pass too quickly. In the end, we savor a good meal made with love.

Think about your life

Why not take advantage of this moment of calm and idleness to seek to improve his daily life by noting some ideas on a small list? Or to ask an hour or two to watch the whole way to get where we are now and say: well done? You can also make a list of things you want to do during your life, such as visiting the Empire State Building in New York or eating ice cream on a beach in Sicily.

Look for new things

It’s a bit vague, that’s true, but it’s because it’s very broad. Because life sometimes goes very fast, we do not always have the time to follow all news and trends of the news. We can then put his boredom to advantage by looking for new cool music, or the next series to watch, or the content of his future wardrobe. You can also take the opportunity to catch up with the possible delay in the news around your centers of interest.

To write

Writing allows you to spend time and relax. Just grab your finest pen, pen, or just your computer keyboard. Poem, diary, novel … Free to follow your inspirations and become a successful author. You can even create a blog about something that is important to you.

Do some sports

To avoid being too idle, why not have a little conversation with a little jog, gym, a game of tennis or just walking? With a dynamic and energetic gesture, sweep away boredom and gloom and choose to have a good time alone or with friends.

Prepare your next vacation

Chase away boredom by tapping into the excitement of preparing for your next adventure. Whether it’s a romantic weekend in Venice or London, a week in Florence, or even a road trip in the US … You will see, just by preparing your activities and looking for a hotel and some restaurants, you will not see anymore time pass.

Doing the housework, the dishes or the laundry

That’s for sure, it’s not a very good activity, but at least it will be done and you will not have to do it later. Enjoy a moment when you have nothing else to do to perform the tasks that need to be accomplished anyway. In addition, with good music in the background, it can be quite soothing. Not to mention that storage clears up ideas and is great for fengshui!

Go into photography

Boredom is good news, that means you have time for a new activity. Why not grab a camera, whether it’s your phone or an old polaroid out of the closet, to travel the world in search of an interesting landscape or a beautiful sunset to immortalize.

And it also works for other activities, learning a musical instrument for example. What matters is that you like it, you want, and you grow.

Here are the Fuzzy, some ideas to counter idleness! You have others ? Share them in comments 🙂

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