Top 5 best organic lipsticks

At the moment, more and more of you are worried about the composition of their skincare and makeup products, but what about the composition of lipsticks and what brand to buy if you are sensitive to the composition of our beauty products? We bring you all the answers you need in this article dedicated to organic lipsticks and natural origin.

The lipstick is an essential of the makeup bag, however, there are some points that we need to clarify on this must-have product:

It should be known at first that the lips are composed of a mucosa that has the property of absorbing the material, as demonstrated by the use of lip balms. Thus, a small amount of lipstick is ingested daily (between 24 and 87 mg) by lipstick users; over a lifetime, that would amount to ingesting a kilogram of lipstick according to a California study!

A kilo is enough to look at the composition of these lipsticks and the effects that these products have on our health.

The composition of organic lipsticks

There are sometimes some heavy metals whose toxicity is no longer to prove: mercury, aluminum, lead even traces of arsenic … Just that!

This is why natural lipsticks find more and more place in our drawers: even if they do not guarantee a total absence of heavy metals, they are at least rich in dyes and especially they are much more ethical … And that at FuzzUnivers, we love it!

So we have established a small selection of organic lipsticks or natural origin: their formulas are far more natural and ecological than the lipsticks of large retailers. The formulas are mostly composed of beeswax and / or vegetable oils. In addition, their pigments come from mineral and / or organic origins.

The lip pencils from Avril

We’ve already told you about the April brand on our article on organic mascaras, today it’s their lip glossy crayons we want to talk about! These are jumbo pencils with good opacity, a very pretty satin effect for a long enough outfit.

In this case, this product is 100% natural origin and 42% organic … Still an excellent point for the brand Avril! In addition, no product is tested on animals.

Price: 4 €

lipstick bio avril

Beauty Tip: These lipsticks are very easy to fade and are therefore easy to use as a blush!

Lavera lipsticks

These reds are sold in a fairly classic grape format, but their shape is quite beveled, which allows a very easy application!

However, worn, they are not very opaque, even the darkest color needs two or even three layers to have a result really without transparency. It is better to trace the outline of the lips beforehand with a pencil of the same color, if you are looking for a more structured effect.
Very nourishing, they have plumping properties that moisturize and protect your lips throughout the day. Ideal for a natural look!

Price: 10 € 90 for a capacity of 4,5g

organic lipstick lavera

Jumbo Pencils mats from Lavera

Still from Lavera we have here a very nice range of matte lipsticks: they offer a more intense pigmentation than the previous ones and with more definition. This time you do not need to lip liner the lips first with a pencil, thanks to their very practical application! Their composition based on castor oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil leave a soft sensation on the lips and an immediate moisturizing effect! Although they are naturally a more drying out than the range of grape lipsticks.

Price: 11 € 80 for a capacity of 3.1g

organic stick lavera

Vegan lipsticks from Inika

Are you vegan.e and you do not know where to find a lipstick that meets your expectations? The Inika brand has the answer to your problem: a rich and creamy texture, thanks to natural shea butter and jojoba oil. This lipstick is very moisturizing and protects the lips from external aggression!
With 12 colors that turn around purple, purple, red and purple this may lack a little choice … But this does not prevent the product to have a very good quality and good pigmentation and your favorite color is can -being all the same in these hues.

Price: 23 € for a capacity of 4.2g

organic lipstick Inika

Matte lipsticks from Couleur Caramel

Probably the best known, organic and naturally colored lipsticks of Couleur Caramel have almost nothing to prove: highly pigmented, moisturizing, matte … They have everything to please and it works of thunder! Couleur Caramel offers its customers a wide range for their lipsticks, ranging from rosé beige to brick pink.

Price: 15 € 90 for a capacity of 3,5g

organic lipstick caramel

And here are the fuzzy! Here is a beautiful array of natural lipsticks to delight your desires for a more ethical make-up, and what are your favorite brands of organic make-up? Do not hesitate to tell us in comment!

If you have the ambition to never again apply questionable products on your skin, we invite you to read our article that shows you how to make your own lipstick.

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