Ethical fashion : definition

Ethical fashion is the culmination of all fair trade and responsible fashion concepts. This concept is gradually becoming the new standard of fashion and it is clearly one of the major stakes of the evolutions of the existing and creating brands.

What is ethical fashion?

This concept is based on fair trade and its main objective is to pay fairer small producers and improve their working conditions. Its main mission is to reward a successful job. Ethical fashion helps improve the standard of living of producers through a more respectful economy.

Ethical fashion has continued to evolve towards a more environmentally friendly concept. This concept is now used to describe the use and consumption of products made from ecological materials and whose entire production line is part of an ecological approach. The natural materials of the ethical fashion must be made and produced according to the rules of the imposed ecological norms.

The concept of ethical fashion also includes sustainable fashion with the ambition to stop or at least seriously reduce overconsumption and the concept of Fast Fashion. The concept of Fast Fashion is when the product is quickly made (pressure of the labor), quickly bought for cheap (negotiation of the abusive costs), hardly consumed and quickly forgotten / thrown (the product becomes a purchase compulsive driven by marketing). The idea is to buy an article in a more reasoned way by reflecting on its origin, its materials, its method of manufacture and delivery … An ethical fashion is also favoring local products to minimize our footprint environmentally friendly due mainly to the transport of highly polluting goods.

This mode also involves recycling. This can be done by buying products made with recycled materials that reduce the impact of our consumption on the environment. But also by buying and selling used products to give a second life to our business.

Ethical fashion is above all a new way of thinking and consuming. This movement encourages us to think about the consequences that our purchases have on the environment but also on the lives of many farmers, couturiers, craftsmen all over the world. Ethical fashion offers us a solution to our desire to consume and reduce our impact on the environment around us.

Why be interested in this concept?

There are different reasons to switch to ethical fashion.

This significantly reduces water pollution due to the different chemicals used in the manufacture of non-responsible textiles. Buying ethics helps to reduce volatile releases in the air. This pollution continues to increase and by 2050 it could have a big impact on our health and standard of living if we do not react before. Ethical fashion is one of the possible solutions. Not to mention that most of the components, although retired, are everywhere in our clothes that are in direct contact with our skin!

The consumption of products from ethical fashion also increases the standard of living of disadvantaged people who make our clothes. Small producers are paid more fairly and enjoy decent working conditions. In addition, it also assures us that there are no working children exploited to make our clothes.

Ethical fashion makes it possible to consume and buy products of better quality. Finish the clothes directly from the Fast Fashion that shrink, deform, change color or get damaged in a few washes. This directly affects your savings and allows you to shed less often.

Some also extend this concept to vegan fashion, which removes all consumption from animal products so no leather, no fur or even wool.

Where to find more information?

You surely have lots of questions following this article. Here are some sources of more complete, in-depth and specialized information on the subject.

The True Cost

“The True Cost” is a 1:32 documentary released in 2015 directed by Andrew Morgan available on Netflix. It is oriented around the concept of fast fashion, that is to say on the consumption of fashion in the world. This documentary is organized in two axes. That of global pollution caused by this excessive and unsustainable consumption. But also around exploited workers with inhuman working conditions. Andrew Morgan wants to show us behind the scenes of cheap clothes.

Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is a movement born in England following the 2013 Rana Plaza accident that left thousands dead and injured. This happened in Bangladesh in a building grouping several garment workshops for major clothing brands. This disaster gave birth to this organization which proposes an annual event which fights to allow the workers of the developing countries to have good working conditions.


SloWeAre is part of the Slow Fashion approach (see our articles on the Slow Life concept). The site offers you a fairly comprehensive platform gathering all the news, concepts, initiatives and especially lots of advice on ethical and eco-responsible fashion.

So, dear Fuzzy, try ethical fashion right now and do not hesitate to share your experiences!

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