The trend of 3D wallpaper

Today we see 3D everywhere around us. There are 3D movies, 3D printers, and there are even 3D wallpapers. A fairly recent decorative trend that is gradually imposing on us to give to our homes. A short overview of a whole new dimension to give to your interior …

3D wallpaper what is it?

A 3D wallpaper is made in relief, thanks to recent technologies, and gives a wall the impression that it is not flat, but that its forms leave the wall. We can distinguish several different types of 3D wallpapers.

Some 3D wallpapers look like illusions. Like a trompe-l’oeil, this kind of 3D wallpaper plays on perceptions, light effects and volumes to give the impression that the forms of wallpaper come to life. As for a classic trompe l’oeil, even if we are perfectly aware that it is only a wallpaper, our eye is however trapped in the illusion a few seconds.

wallpaint 3D landscape

And a second illusion is added to the one on the wallpaper, because we also have the impression that the room is different, bigger. For example with a fake window. Play tricks on your friends, and set up a quirky and mysterious ambience in a living room, dining room or even bedroom.

Other 3D wallpapers do not try to deceive your senses, but simply to texturize your wall. Your furniture goes almost in the background to let the spotlight on your walls. Indeed, 3D wallpapers dress the walls of the house dramatically. We advise you to avoid hiding it with frames or mirrors. The ideal is to line one wall with 3D textured patterns, to enhance your entire room, and hang your paintings, picture frames and other wall decorations on your other walls. Avoid overloading the room. This kind of wallpaper can really settle everywhere, from the entrance to the office, and even in the bathroom.


Finally, it is possible to find 3D wallpapers whose purpose is imitation. Indeed, 3D wallpapers can imitate some real materials to perfection. You have never dreamed of a brick wall, concrete or some carved woodwork? You can do it with 3D wallpaper. When your wallpaper plays the chameleons, the illusion is perfect and it gives a look to your walls.

With which style to give a 3D wallpaper?

It all depends of course on the type of 3D wallpaper you are using, as well as the shapes and colors represented on the wallpaper. For example, a 3D wallpaper imitation marble goes very well with antique furniture in wood or art nouveau style, while a multicolored 3D wallpaper with cubes will rather associate with fairly modern furniture.

However, most 3D wallpapers blend with the industrial style or with a contemporary and even ultra contemporary style. You can combine a steel storage cabinet with a white 3D wallpaper with a lot of texture, or use a 3D wallpaper with a jungle aspect to give a colonial or tropical side to your interior.

And you, what would be your 3D wallpaper style? Rather a texture game or a landscape?

wallpaint 3D

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