The Escape Game trend

The release a few weeks ago of the movie “Escape Game” confirmed what we already knew, the concept of Escape Game is clearly a obvious trend in the entertainment! Let’s see that a little closer …

The concept of escapes games, a trendy game

This escape game is played in reality, in one or more rooms, which we must usually escape before the end of an allotted time. To do this, gather a team and go hunting for clues, combine them to solve the puzzle that will allow you to escape. Escapes games are usually built around a story, but some offer a succession of logic games. The decoration and ambience of the escape game depends on the theme, which can range from fairy tales to the laboratory of scientific experimentation, through the zombies.

Escapes games have been very popular in recent years. A trend that can of course be explained by a fashion effect generated by this innovative way to escape with friends. But not only.

This trend can also be explained by the unique experience it offers. Apart from playing theater or cinema, or playing some video games, you will find very few comparable experiences. And in any case they are often much less immersive. In addition, each escape game is unique. There is always a different scenario, or an original theme, not to mention the fact that the escape games are regularly improved and modified, to renew the pleasure.

Everyone can play it. There is no age for an escape game. Teachers bring their students for the educational interest, managers propose it to their colleagues to form team links, and friends meet to escape the daily routine and have a good time.

The escape game, why is this a nice game?

An escape game is a life-size role-playing game. We embody a character, we enter a captivating story, we plunge completely into an original atmosphere … We have fun because it takes us out of our daily lives. More interactive than a movie or a book, it’s a bit like a video game, but without a screen, and the senses awake and more. You are the actor of this story and it is up to you to succeed. Take yourself for a modern-day Sherlock Holmes for a moment and let yourself slide into an atmosphere full of mysteries and secrets.

It is also a short game, with many riddles that follow each other and full of goals to achieve. We must seek, discover, understand. We really want to find the solution, to win the game, and this before the time runs out. And this time limit generates adrenaline that motivates us and makes the game all the more fun.

It’s also a very nice game with friends, a pure moment of sharing. Even if we tend to stress a little as the time limit approaches, we are there with friends, family, colleagues … to have a good time together and have fun, to escape for a moment. An escape game is a great way to build or strengthen bonds, to create memories, to have laughter, and to gather together for a quest for a common purpose.

Our tips to succeed and enjoy an escape game

Of course, you will have to analyze everything, use each of your senses to find each clue and examine them from every angle. Your sense of observation and your logical mind will be assets for your team. Do not think too much about time, remember that escape games are planned so that you can finish before the time limit and this limit also exists to motivate you.

The puzzles are rarely complex and do not require 6 PhDs in hand to overcome them. On the other hand you will need an excellent cohesion of team, that all the members are coordinated between them. The key is to listen and talk to each other. Communication is really very important if you count on this “test”.

Finally, do not forget that this is only a game and that the goal is especially that you spend a good time with your loved ones. So just let you take the game, and have fun!

Where to find a good escape game in France?

There are some everywhere in France so there are necessarily some near you, but we will blow you some ideas:

  • The Games, rue du Cardinal Lemoine in Paris
  • Get Out Lille, rue Solferino in Lille.
  • Evade you if you can, Rue de la Martinière in Lyon
  • The Escape Hunt Experience, rue Pierre Loti in Bordeaux.
  • The little Red Door, rue des boeufs in Strasbourg

Know that the prices vary enormously from one escape game to another, depending on the size of the group or schedules, however, about 25 € on average. An escape game usually lasts an hour or an hour and a half.

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