How to make a smoky eyes ?

After having explained to you what the smoky eyes are, you can discover the tips of Vera Lifestyle (influencer) and Linda Barkallah (professional make-up artist) to give you advice so that you succeed your smoky eyes.

The term “smoky eyes” is derived from English and means “smoky eyes”. So smoky eyes are the origin of eyes made up eyeshadow, pencil and eyeliner gray and / or black to remind the color of the smoke. This type of makeup is often worn by women in the evening because it brings out their eyes and intensifies their eyes. Smoky eyes are also worn to accentuate the expression of the face from afar because charcoal the outline of your eyes can give you a more piercing look, even captivating!

What is smoky eyes?

Smoky eyes are eyes darkened with dark makeup that you will love to wear occasionally or daily according to your tastes and desires. The smoky eyes are hyper fashion and give you a dark look that will perfectly accompany your look. They are rather worn in autumn and winter because the gray and the black, being cold colors, are better suited during these two seasons where we tend to avoid all that is flashy colors. But if you prefer, you can of course test the smoky eyes in summer!

How to make a smoky eyes?

Step 1: clean your eyes thoroughly

Feel free to read our article on how to have beautiful skin to learn more about make-up removal. This step is important because you need a clean foundation before you start putting on makeup.

Step 2: protect your complexion

A smoky eye is a messy makeup so it is recommended to apply a transparent powder under your eyes to retain the makeup powder that could eventually fall and stain your complexion. You can find at NYX and SEPHORA 9.99 euros!

Step 3: Apply the eyeshadow

Start by applying a dark gray eyeshadow at the inside of the eye and outward.

In the middle of your eyelid, apply a small amount of white makeup to illuminate your eyes because even if you make smoky eyes, the white color will bring out even more.

Finish this step by blurring and lightly melting blushes to no longer see the demarcations between them.

Step 4: apply the black eyeliner to intensify the smoky eyes

To add a little black touch to your smoky eyes, black eyeliner is a must for your makeup!

TIP: If you’re new to eyeliner and have trouble applying it, take two pieces of tape to stick to the corner of your eyes to help you draw a nice comma. The brands we recommend are YVES ROCHER (10 euros) and DIOR (34 euros).

Step 5: the black pencil and mascara to finalize

Apply black pencil under your eyes to delineate their contours with the black pencils of the brand NOCIBE (5 euros) or KIKO (5 euros).

Finish your smoky eyes by lengthening your lashes with black mascara LANCOME (34 euros) or MAYBELLINE (10 euros). Look also at organic mascaras!

Step 6: Remove the powder at the end

With a brush, remove the excess of black / gray pigment under your eyes to remove the protective powder, and you’re in perfect smoky eyes!

Tips by an influencer and a professional makeup artist to make a perfect smoky eyes

What products do you use to make smoky eyes?

Vera (Vera Lifestyle blog): “I use Urban Decay palettes, a Mac mascara and Nyx pencil.”

Linda Barakallah (professional make-up artist and private school makeup teacher): “I use a lot of different brands but especially Make Up For Ever for the eyes, their makeup is highly pigmented and take a whole day until the night without moving, so it’s perfect for a deep look. ”

On what occasions do you wear smoky eyes?

Vera: “In general for evening outings, to put my eyes in. I opt for the smoky eye with a rock or basic look.”

Linda Barkallah: “The smoky eyes are timeless so it can be worn every day or not, but it’s still the leader in evening make-up for the most addictive look.I often have brides who ask for a smoky but I break it with glittery powder at the beginning of the eyelid to give the bride a bright and glittering look. ”

What are your tips for making a perfect smoky eyes?

Vera: “For the eyes, I recommend using an Urban Decay base for the eyelids so that the makeup looks better, I advise not to over-load the lips, leave them nude or with a touch of gloss.”

Linda Barkallah: “Do not forget a pair of natural false eyelashes to open the eyes with its inevitable liner line.”

Do not hesitate Fuzzy, if you have questions about how to make a smoky eye comment or if you want to share your tips!

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