How does music affect our well-being?

“Music softens manners” can we hear! We all have a melody in mind at one time or another of the day, because we like a song, because we want to, but sometimes without knowing it for its many benefits. In this article well-being, we explore the virtues of music.

The many benefits of music

The music and its notes have many benefits, of which we draw you a list of the main ones.

Music stimulates memory and improves concentration

Music appeals to our cognitive abilities and helps us retain more things or retain them better. For example, making a little song about something you want to learn allows us to better understand the information. In general, music develops our auditory memory. In the same way, choosing good music can help you focus on what you need to do and not be distracted. The music could therefore allow you to increase your efficiency in your work, for example. Moreover, music is able to motivate us, which can be useful when practicing a sport (or just walking), for example.

Music calms us down and helps fight stress

When one is a little sad or very angry, good music can help us to evacuate these negative feelings and to find calm and serenity. In fact, it’s because sounds can influence our hormones. For example, music releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that causes pleasure, and moderates cortisol, the stress hormone. In other words, music soothes us and makes us feel good. It is also a social bond, because singing together or sharing the listening of a music necessarily creates the link between people who sing or who enjoy a music.

Music allows us to sleep better

Music allows us to relax and unwind. She can accompany us on the path of sleep until reaching the arms of Morpheus. If you can not sleep, putting on some music may help you fall asleep.

Music inspires us and increases our creativity

Music almost creates a bridge between us and our feelings, and it is often in this connection that our creative and artistic potential lies. Music often brings back memories and emotions that inspire us when we paint, write or draw. Let yourself be carried away by music and discover what you are capable of doing.

Music can be an effective pain reliever and can be used as therapy

It has already been observed that music soothes our pain, to a certain extent. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that the music is pleasant to listen to and that it distracts our mind to remove it from the source of our ills. The music can also be used as a treatment during a therapy, for example to rehabilitate people suffering from aphasia, that is to say, speech disorders.

Music is a great tool for meditation

Another virtue of music is that it helps us to meditate. Because it borders us, it relaxes us and soothes us, music can help us to plunge into a state of ideal mediation. Music is the perfect companion for meditation.

In general, listening to music regularly has great effects on our well-being, whether it’s to feel good about our body or to help us be happier every day.

What music to listen for your well-being?

You probably guess, but the music does not all have the same benefits. Rock music and dynamics will keep you going during a sporting session while soft and relaxing music will help you fall asleep in peace.

So you have to choose your music, depending on the benefits you want from your listening, but also of course your taste. For example, to work, nothing like classical music, if you like it. In fact, any music you like can do the trick, as long as it’s neutral and instrumental music if possible.

The rhythm, intensity of the music and even the instruments used can help you choose the right type of music for a given activity. To relax, why not choose meditation music or background music, or soft music in general? It is however very important to take into account your tastes and desires. Besides, you are completely free to listen to the last tube you love!

TIP: Make playlists by activity (electro for sport, nature sounds for relaxation, classical music for work, jazzy lounge for evening with friends, soul for romantic moment …).

And you Fuzzy, what do you like listening to boost or relax?

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