Some recipes with cocoa, this super food!

In cooking or cosmetics, we appreciate this great food especially for its taste and flavors, but also for its indisputable benefits and exceptional nutritional values. Cocoa is a bit like a super hero for our plates. Cocoa has remarkable nutrients such as minerals, antioxidants or magnesium. Focus on some recipes using this super food.

A little bit of history…

Cocoa beans have been used for over two millennia. It was cultivated in Central America and South America for example by the Olmec, Maya, and Aztec. It is exported to Europe in the 16th century after the Mexican conquest by the Spaniards. If the adoption of “the food of the Gods” was difficult in France because Louis XIV did not like, chocolate and cocoa in general made fury at the court of Spain and then among the well-to-do classes of all Europe, to the success we still know today.

A starter: pumpkin soup with cocoa

Cocoa is particularly good with foie gras, but for the sake of our diets, we preferred to make you discover the pumpkin and cocoa soup.

Ingredients: 1 chicken bouillon cube, water (about 1L), 1 quarter of pumpkin, 1 teaspoon of cream per offer and finally a pinch of cocoa powder per bowl of soup.

Boil the water in a saucepan and dissolve the cube broth. Prepare, wash, peel and cut your pumpkin. Cook the pumpkin in the broth, then mix your preparation to turn into soup, you can then add salt and pepper to your taste. Pour your soup into bowls then, before serving, add the cream and the cocoa powder.

Cocoa will sublimate the flavors of your soup and give your entry an original touch.

A dish: salmon with cocoa

Ingredients: 4 pieces of salmon fillets and 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder

Before cooking, wrap each fillet of cocoa on each side until you can not see the flesh of the fish. Season the fish with salt and pepper to your taste. Then sear in a pan with a little olive oil. Be careful that the center of the salmon remains a little pink. And finally, serve!

You can serve this fish with pasta, steamed potatoes, or spicy rice. Try it, it’s delicious.

A dessert: cocoa madeleines

Cocoa is of course associated with the most gourmet desserts, and there is a plethora of desserts that combine with cocoa to satisfy your taste buds and your desires. We chose to share with you a recipe for cocoa madeleines.

Ingredients: 100g of flour, 100g of sugar, 3 eggs, 80g of butter, a little vanilla sugar (one sachet), 25 to 35 grams of cocoa (according to your taste), and 1 teaspoon of yeast

Preheat your oven (180 ° C); Melt the butter, then add the sugars and mix; Stir in eggs, flour and yeast and mix; Add the cocoa and mix until the mixture is homogeneous; Arrange in your madeleine molds and put in the oven for about fifteen minutes; Let cool and enjoy!

TIP DECOR: put a small edible flower on your madeleine, to add an original and refined touch.

Cocoa Bonus: Dark Chocolate

Savoring a few pieces of chocolate, besides being delicious, can be very good for your body. However, be careful, not all chocolates are equal.

In fact, the benefits of cocoa tend to evaporate during chocolate processing. The addition of other substances, such as milk or sugar, to cocoa increases the content of the finished product. White chocolate and milk chocolate, good as they are, are bad for our lines so avoid eating too much or too often. On the other hand, choose black chocolates with a high cocoa content. 70%, 80%, 90%, 99% … The better the cocoa it is for your body, which will benefit from all the nutrients and trace elements of cocoa.

By the way, you can try raw chocolate. The raw chocolate is processed at low temperature and is therefore not roasted, which allows it to preserve its maximum nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties.

I do not know you, dear Fuzzy, but all this has made us hungry … Feel free to share your cocoa recipes and talk about this article around you! And do not forget to read our article on other super foods!

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