How to wear the Marinière ?

A timeless piece of clothes for years now especially for the spring-summer season, which goes equally to women, men, children. The marinière is a fairly essential piece in your wardrobe when you do not know what to wear and do not want to take the lead since it is associated with absolutely everything. If you run out of ideas, this article is here to give you suggestions of outfits for all the opportunities that come your way.

The marinière team with all kinds of outfits: casual / casual, chic, feminine and even comes in swimsuit, dress … The real marinière is made with navy horizontal stripes with a round neck but you can find with red stripes, black, green, yellow, with a v-neck, a boat neck or asymmetrical.


How and with what to wear the marinière?

The mariniere is really wearing with all the clothes: skirt, shorts, jeans, suit, dungarees … whether patterned or uniq color. In addition, it has even declined in dress (short or long) and swimsuit which is really perfect to be trendy even in summer.

Wear the marinière with jeans

Really the classic piece to wear your marinière: a light blue jeans but also why not white or black. For a casual look, opt for a rather large mariniere and worn in a slim jeans, right or even mom preferably who are high-waisted. A pair of sneakers always to stay in the casual side or why not with a small pair of heels or loafers, a scarf around the neck and a black perfecto to play a little more feminine and break this look too “boy of seas “. In addition, with this look in jeans, the beige trench goes perfectly with and finish this chic and casual look.

mariniere jean yellow sailor tee shirt for women white and blue

With shorts or skirt

Since the marinière also comes in a t-shirt now, for the summer it’s really the best to wear it with a pair of jeans shorts or a skirt. If it’s a bit cooler in the evening, you can wear a thicker long-sleeved shirt or wear a navy cardigan / sweater over it. Wearing the shorts and the marinière with white converse or mesh sneakers will make you completely immerse in the “summer sailor” theme and it’s really trendy for years now.

Regarding the color of the shorts you can totally enjoy yourself: the color jeans, navy, white, red or even beige is really nice to match with the white and blue of the marinière.


With a chino

For spring, it is very likely to wear a sailor with a beige or navy blue (or why not red!). This will really create a light, feminine and spring look. You can of course opt for a loose-fitting sailor tucked into the front of the pants or a little more fitted for a less casual look. If it’s a bit cooler you can wear a solid blazer over it and it will make the look more feminine and chic. For shoes, indulge yourself, all styles go well with chino and marinière.

mariniere red sailor tee shirt for women white and blue

With patterns

If you think that the marinière does not associate with patterns and you are wrong. Wear it with prints whether flowers or leopard will add a touch of originality to your outfit and bring out your pretty sailor. What is very pretty is to associate a long and fluid skirt with floral prints or to put a loose sailor over a long dress and fluid printed with pretty little sneakers or sandals. This look is very casual but at the same time very very girly and classy. The contrast between the horizontal lines and the patterned bottom is very trendy and pretty for a spring-summer look.

leopard pink mariniere sailor tee shirt for women white and blue

With your jackets and coats

The marinière is worn with all types of jackets or coats. For a more rock look you can wear it under a perfecto.

For spring, opt for a nice jacket in jeans but that can be of any color. The navy, white or beige cardigan can also be a good option in cooler weather.

You can also wear it with a beige trench because it is a color that combines very well with navy blue and white. Worn with jeans for the bottom and pretty heeled boots will make the look really chic and feminine. Leave your trench open to reveal the marinière and do not hesitate to accessorize the outfit with a colorful scarf around the neck.

trench gucci short mariniere sailor tee shirt for women white and blue

Fashion tips for wearing the marinière

Contrary to what we can think, the marinière can go to everyone.

If you have a thin silhouette, you can choose any type of marinière with all possible necks (round, neck, amount …) and all possible variations (added lace, sequins, ribbon, with message …).

For girls with wider shoulders, forget about any built-in epaulettes and prefer the loafers a bit loose rather than too tight.

For morphologies in O, the marinière with its horizontal lines is not what will put you in the greatest value, it will tend to thicken your morphology. But you can cheat (!) By wearing a shirt or jacket open over your marinière which will bring the marine touch without the disadvantages of vertical visual effects.

couple mariniere beach sailor tee shirt for women white and blue

Well, dear Fuzzy, do not hesitate to wear your marinières with the few pieces suggested in the article to be really trendy, feminine (and comfort) for any occasion. You can share your looks and also your suggestions of looks in the comments or on the social networks. Of course, as you are always told, wear the pieces as you see fit, as long as you are comfortable and you have fun, you have everything!

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