Slow Travel : what is this ?

“Slow travel” is “traveling slowly”, that is to say, taking time to discover the country and the culture of it while remaining in the country. The goal is not to rush to discover the city or the country while enjoying the quality of the experiences that we live rather than the number of activities that can be done in a defined time.

What is slow travel?

Slow travel is a way of traveling differently without feeling stressed and forced by time. The “slow travel”, also called “slow tourism”, comes from a phenomenon of “slow life” and therefore to enjoy the moments without rushing and worry about the other things planned in the future. There is also the slow food, slow cosmetic or slow money that you can already discover in our articles.

The beginning of this slow travel began to develop when the Europeans realized that they did not take enough time when they were traveling. This came from the fact that their holidays were too organized, too planned with too many planned activities during their stay. The slow travel entails to take advantage of the moments, without necessarily wondering about the next trips, the preparations while accepting the changes that one can live during the stay, the surprises, the unforeseen ones or even the emergencies.

The goal of slow travel is to organize the departure of a trip but to live from day to day, to organize nothing and just take advantage of the opportunities of foreign countries. Immerse yourself in the customs of people, live at the local rhythm and meet as many people as possible to open up to the world. For a “slow traveler” preparations 3 weeks before the planned trip and 15 kilos suitcases are really not at the rendezvous so leave with the bare minimum, why not a bag on the back as a backpacker? In addition, there are no hotels or rooms to reserve. One day you can find yourself in a hostel, another day with a resident, on the street or in a hotel. This is the risk of a slow traveler and do not be afraid to get started, unforeseen and you will be sure to face a change of scenery.

Slow travel, ecotourism and savings

Eco-tourism highlights the fact of traveling and especially to discover nature while respecting it, that’s why slow travel is often associated with green tourism. “Slow travel” has not only human but also economic and environmental benefits that will only benefit your wallet and the planet. Being a slow traveler makes you more sensitive to the environment and therefore more eco-responsible. Indeed, when you are a slow traveler, time does not count so doing everything on foot, by bike or by public transport is absolutely not disturbing and will not delay his trip. From an economic point of view, the slow travel allows us a lot of savings since nothing is reserved (hotel, rooms …) and dinners in small restaurants can be rare since you may find yourself in eat local food / sleep with an inhabitant directly. Thanks to these unorganized trips, the return dates as well as the schedules are not planned, which allows the traveler to make maximum savings.

Slow travel also reduces mass tourism and therefore avoids overpopulation of travelers in cities such as Berlin, Barcelona or Lisbon and the negative and harmful effects of mass tourism on the lives of the inhabitants concerned. The meeting with the inhabitants and the customs avoids the important distribution of travelers on the same places and allows you, therefore, to find you in cities or countries off the beaten track.

An agency of “slow travel”

The mode “slow travel” is really not the same mode as family trips in a hotel. Remember to do this kind of thing first time alone to find yourself, start a new way of life or with your partner or friend. This mode of “slow life” can then be transmitted from generation to generation. Of course, the “slow travel” way of life is really made for everyone, no matter if you leave for whole weeks or just a few days. It’s simply a way of life to take and also to appreciate.

If you do not know how to start this kind of trip far from everything and have nothing prepared, you can go to travel agencies “slow life / slow travel” that will allow you to better understand this mode of travel and especially better prepare for it if it’s really something new for you. For example the agency Terra Mundi or Himalayas Travel offers unusual destinations where you can perfectly live a journey “slow life”. In addition, you have the opportunity to create your own tailor-made trip according to your transport desires, your time …

So, dear Fuzzy, do not be afraid to take your backpack with the bare essentials in and explore countries that are stress-free and time-bound. You will be more aware of some things about yourself but also about the countries around you! Feel free to share your experiences!

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