Design : yellow in movies !

Let’s go back to the seventh art for our serie of articles on the inspiration in decoration of certain styles of films. This time we’re going to talk about the yellow color, with David O. Russell’s American Bluff movies and Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier.

Whether for a movie poster, for the costumes of the character, or for sets, the colors are rarely chosen at random. Indeed a color often has a meaning, or transmits an emotion, so that the spectator and his imagination can slip into the right state of mind or to better understand certain things shown (or not elsewhere) to the screen, even unconsciously.

Yellow is one of the most interesting colors because it can mean a lot of things.

Meanings of yellow in the cinema

First of all, the yellow is the party, the happiness, the sun that warms our hearts. The yellow shows the joie de vivre of the characters or the film in general. But this color also symbolizes power, or self-confidence. Finally – and paradoxically in relation to the first association – the yellow can be associated with an alert, a danger that is not visible but that will not delay, or even a certain madness.

In 2015, the Pantone Color Institute launched a new color: “minion yellow”, it is the first color influenced by Hollywood, in honor of the famous characters of universal Pictures!

yellow minion

American Bluff: life in yellow!

In this 2013 American detective film with notably Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, we find a decor all in yellow of the most delicious, as can be seen in the photo at the head of the article.

The back wall is padded with yellow to stick with the very pretty headboard. Bed which is also fully adorned with bright yellow, pillows in the duvet. On each side of the bed are furniture much lighter and with a softer color, between the beige and a very pale yellow. Note also that the carpet is also yellow, a very soft yellow and adds to the harmony that can be felt in this setting. The addition of a houseplant is a very good idea, as it adds a touch of green that goes very well with the room’s yellow

We owe the superb scenery of this film to Jesse Rosenthal, now artistic director whose leg will be found in 2019 in Creed 2.

The yellow at the cinema: Hôtel Chevalier

Hotel Chevalier is a short film, directed by Wes Anderson and released in 2007. Yellow and red are two colors that are found much at Wes Anderson. It’s a bit like a signature, its trademark. This is of course the case in Hotel Chevalier, where we find yellow everywhere, outfits (well, bathrobes especially) decorations through lighting. For your decorative inspiration, we offer two rooms from this nice movie with Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman.

yellow hotel

On this first image, it is rather obvious that there is “a little” yellow in the room decoration. The walls are painted in bright yellow and skirting boards are added in a slightly darker yellow. If the two bedside tables are white, the lighting just above “yellows” the furniture a bit. The headboard is upholstered with a flower pattern on a yellow background, matching with the cover, and the dark wood structure contrasts in a great way with the ubiquitous yellow.

yellow hotel room movie

The second bedroom also has a lot of yellow, but there is also a lot of white and red for the floor, which goes very well with the other colors. The headboard, the pillows and the blanket are flanked by yellow and white stripes, the walls are white but the moldings and the complaints are yellow, a little like the two bedside tables which are also white but decorated with yellow and walleye. The bedside lamps are also gold and illuminate all this small furniture with a rather elegant yellow reflection.

What is also interesting with this short film is that it was shot in the Hotel Raphael, in Paris, which is a building with architecture and decoration very inspired by the Art Deco style. Style that we find a lot in these two rooms and which goes very well with the yellow color. Note that the decor of the rooms was probably optimized by the team of Kris Moran, artistic director of the film and by Wes Anderson.

So dear Fuzzy, do not hesitate to give us your decorating ideas and to share this article “the yellow cinema”!

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