How to wear a trench coat ?

The trench coat is a real timeless piece and is a must for your dressing especially for the mid-season. Whether you are small or tall, it will suit you perfectly and will complete your looks perfectly. It comes in all styles and colors. In this article find out what type of trench to choose according to your morphology and also suggestions of outfits with this one.

How to choose your trench?

The trench coat adjusts according to your size and your morphology. If you are tall and slender, the trench very long to the ankles will fit you very well and will not stop you absolutely. You can also opt for the mid-long trench that reaches to the knees or 10cm below. If you are smaller and do not want to have this effect “packed”, opt for the short trench that will happen to you mid-thighs or just under the buttocks.

The material of the trench can also vary according to the seasons. In the spring, it will be much more fluid and light, while for the fall / winter, it will be thicker. It can also be made with gabardine which is a very tight fabric which allows it to resist the air and therefore is a perfect windbreaker. In addition, the trench is also a water repellent coat which means that its fabric will be waterproof to a certain extent thanks to the treatment it has followed. It has a little bit the same functionality as the raincoat but more chic and more feminine. Burberry trenches often have these two priorities: resistant to air and water but of course there are other brands that do too.

Regarding the color, the timeless trench coat is beige but it comes in all colors: navy blue, khaki, camel, black … For the most courageous and for the warm seasons you can opt for coral, yellow, the orange or red or even with camouflage prints, or even animals like zebra, lizard, leopard.

If you find your trench too stark with its solid color, you can accessorize it with a wide colored scarf under the collar or squarely instead of the belt.

traditional trench

Some ideas of looks to wear a trench

There are thousands of ways to wear the trench: all open, barely buttoned, belted, with the collar mounted, the sleeves rolled up … As we mentioned earlier, you can modernize by putting a colorful scarf instead belt or even use a banana-belt to tighten it to the waist.

For an everyday look

If you do not want to take the lead for a daily look and want to put basics while having a touch of femininity, the trench is here to save you. A blue or black slim jeans, or a boyfriend jeans, a basic white t-shirt, a pair of sneakers for the really casual side or a pair of heeled ankle boots to get you started with your beige trench and you’re done. A touch of color with the scarf instead of the belt can very well brighten the outfit or so opt for a bag.

If it’s a bit cooler and the trench will not be hot enough, feel free to use the layering technique with another jacket underneath: a biker jacket or jacket or a tailor’s jacket .

For a chic look

The trench coat is already quite chic, so it will go perfectly with a more chic and “professional” look. For this look you can wear it with a straight skirt, a blouse and pretty loafers or with the famous little black dress or a dress mid-long or short. By closing the trench just using the belt (ie without buttoning), it will show the shirt which will make the look even more sexy and chic. A trench can also settle down the wearing of high boots, if the idea tempts you!

For those who do not want to wear a skirt or dress, you can also wear it with a tailor and a blouse and why not shoe pumps to finish the look. For this type of outfit, opt for the arched trench if you want to leave it open so that it fits your waist, but you can quite take a trench with a straight cut and tighten it to the waist using the belt.

For a masculine look

This long coat is also perfect if you want to give a more masculine style to the “Inspector Gadget” but for this case it will be necessary to favor the maxi long trench that reaches you mid-calves or to the ankles. It is a recommended look rather for women who are slender because this maxi length could pack smaller ones, but of course nothing prevents you from doing this look even if you are small since it will be enough to adapt it.

The trench with epaulets and bibs is perfect for this style of outfit. It will make you shoulders a little wider and therefore increase your build. Regarding the outfit, you can wear black overalls for example, a newsboy, flat boots and why not a leatherette backpack to accentuate the boyish style of this masculine look. What also works for this style is to wear a tailor and a closed shirt to the top. This will join the style of outfits for a chic look but the trench and newsboy will create the masculine style.

If you do not want to look totally masculine you can put on heels and a more feminine handbag.

That’s dear Fuzzy the few possible looks with a trench. It is a very trendy piece that goes with many styles of outfits since it is very feminine but can also be both masculine. Do not hesitate to share with us your ideas of looks and especially your opinions on those that we proposed to you!

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