The benefits of cocoa

Ahhh cocoa, a great love story for many of us! In addition to being good taste, cocoa is also good for the body and for health. Cocoa powder comes from cacao seeds, called cocoa beans, which are widely used in the diet. The cacao seeds also have some fat that can be extracted and becomes cocoa butter. Whether it is seed, powder or cocoa butter, these three forms are good for morale and health. Want to know more ? Read this article!

The different forms of cocoa in the diet

Cocoa exists in several forms: beans, powder, paste or butter. Cocoa beans are the seeds found in cocoa fruits called pods, each containing about thirty beans. The cocoa powder comes from the grinding of the cocoa beans while the butter is the fat that is extracted from this grinding. The cocoa paste comes from cocoa beans that are fermented and roasted. Generally, it is more cocoa powder that is most used in food.

However be careful with the cocoa you choose. Nowadays, there is a lot of cocoa powder that is modified and therefore no longer contains the many benefits of cocoa for your health. Think of favoring unsweetened raw cocoa powder with at least 60% cocoa if you want to make smoothies or quality hot chocolate. If you do not like pure cocoa and bitterness, do not hesitate to choose a cocoa containing a small amount of sweeteners. Indeed, the sweetener brings a sweet taste and therefore allows the pure cocoa to have a less bitter and acidic flavor but rather sweet. On top of that, some sweeteners are not caloric or at least much less than table sugar.

In addition, dark chocolate contains cocoa but you have to know how to choose the right dark chocolate that contains a good cocoa powder. In order to feel the virtues of cocoa, take a raw dark chocolate that contains all the benefits of cocoa (very rich in active ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins). This type of dark chocolate is safe for your body but remember to eat at the recommended doses and without abusing it.

Regarding food, you can slip some powder or cocoa butter a little everywhere as it is organic and raw. Cocoa powder is widely used to make hot chocolate, for desserts such as tiramisus or for smoothies. Cocoa has really started to take the place of chocolate in the diet with its many health, moral and body benefits!

The benefits of cocoa

Theobromine, a perfect anti-stress

Cocoa is a perfect ally for your body and to keep you fit. Thanks to its richness in vitamin, theobromine or antioxidant, cocoa is really part of the superfoods. Cocoa contains theobromine, which is an organic substance made by a plant organ that is close to the chemical substance of caffeine. It is a substance found in chocolate and today has become a real ingredient and component of chocolate.

In addition to the fact that cocoa is good and that its nutritional values ​​are correct, it also has a calming effect on stress and anxiety. Indeed, its different substances can reduce mild to moderate depression, make you less anxious and calm your nervous system. If you’re stressed before an exam or appointment, a square of pure dark chocolate cocoa will help you relax by reducing your internal tension and make you focus on the important things.

Theobromine has many benefits on the human body and very often leads to a feeling of well-being. It is composed of a mild stimulant that acts as an anti-depressant and improves your mood. However, be careful not to consume too much because it can have a “drug” effect on your body.

Flavonoids, a good antioxidant

In addition to having positive effects on your mood, cocoa is a perfect antioxidant thanks to its rich polyphenols, especially flavonoids that are perfect antioxidants. Cocoa contains more flavonoids than green tea and black tea, so it’s effective longer in
the body to eliminate and trap free radicals that attack our cells to make us age or make us sick.

TIP: Add Goji berries to your cocoa square, or more unusual a pinch of turmeric, and you’ll multiply antioxidant actions.

The benefits of cocoa against cardiovascular diseases

The higher the consumption of pure cocoa, the better the fluidity of the blood in your body. The flavonols that cocoa possesses are also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant really beneficial for the heart. They allow the reduction of blood clots in the arteries, the improvement of the blood circulation and the reduction of the risk of infarction. Raw cacao is therefore perfect for the protection of the cardiovascular system.

In addition, unsweetened cocoa powder is extremely rich in potassium and magnesium, which is beneficial for muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission. The potassium and magnesium present in the cocoa powder thus allow to keep a normal heart rate and also a good functioning of the kidneys.

Perfect for the skin

Cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer for the epidermis. Indeed, the fatty acids contained in cocoa butter are perfect for soothing irritations or skin lesions.

If you are pregnant, cocoa butter will be the best ally for your skin since it will preserve the elasticity of your skin and it will prevent the formation of stretch marks and cellulite. Thanks to its fatty acids that soothe irritations, cocoa butter can also save people who have eczema but only in addition to their medical treatment. The cocoa butter will help soothe the irritation and itching that can form eczema.

The presence of lipids and especially unsaturated fatty acids in cocoa allow a perfect elasticity and plasticity of the skin since they are important constituents of the dermal cells.

DIY NATURAL MASK: In addition, pure and organic cocoa powder is perfect for making masks for the face when you mix it with a vegetable oil. This type of natural mask will allow maximum hydration of your skin and avoid irritation.

Cocoa to lose weight

The bitter and unsweetened cocoa is perfect for people who want to lose weight because its nutritional values ​​are rather low (228 kcal per 100g). The monoamine oxidase it contains have an appetite suppressant effect on your body and therefore prevent any snacking. It is very advisable to eat a square of pure dark chocolate cocoa during your snack if you are in full regime and if you have a small hollow. However, be careful not to overdo it and follow a healthy diet next door. The pure dark chocolate cocoa will remain a small pleasure for you.

Do not hesitate, dear Fuzzy, to share your opinions on the different benefits of cocoa and to begin to consume it if it is not the case! Your body and your health will thank you if you consume the different superfoods that you can find in our articles!

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