“Slow Cosmetics” : what is it ?

Still in the light of the “slow life” lifestyle, the “Slow Cosmetic” movement (“Slow Cosmétique” in French), invented by Julien Kaibeck, began to grow more and more thanks to the Slow Cosmetic Association and its partners. The purpose of this movement is to advocate the consumption of natural cosmetics, healthy and reasonable for the environment. Discover more about the “Slow Cosmétique” as well as the brands that participate in this movement …

What is the “Slow Cosmétique” movement?

The “Slow Cosmétique” movement was invented by Julien Kaibeck, a teacher in aromatherapy in France and Belgium, who cares about natural cosmetics for our skin and also for the environment. Today, Slow Cosmétique is a registered trademark, managed by Slow Cosmétique AISBL and headquartered in Belgium.

The lifestyle “Slow Cosmétique” is based on some principles and pillars that must be respected if you want to practice: be reasonable, ecological and healthy.

What is reasonable? There are no false promises in the products advocating the movement. These are natural and organic cosmetics, whose composition is verified and which are not or very very little modified by humans and chemistry. Reasonable also by the prices that correspond to the raw materials used as well as their virtues.

Being ecological: the “Slow Cosmétique” movement is practiced with respect for the environment by using and privileging natural ingredients that are not chemically modified and that respect the environment while being non-toxic to nature, humans or animals . In addition, the movement favors biodiversity.

Finally, be healthy because the “Slow Cosmétique” meets the needs of your skin while respecting your health as well as that of animals and nature through its use of ingredients and healthy and organic products such as aloe vera, vegetable and mineral oils, shea butter …

What is the label “Slow Cosmétique”?

“Slow Cosmétique” Association

It can label brands in “Slow Cosmétique” following a review of the brand’s file by checking if it respects the pillars and values ​​of the movement “Slow Cosmétique“.

Being part of the movement “Slow Cosmétique” depends only on you and your lifestyle but in any case, more people join this movement and the step will be great for the planet and to favor natural care and organic products. Being part of this movement will only be good for your health, your body / skin and especially for the environment. If you use products and natural care to preserve your skin against chemicals, if you pay attention to the environment with the ingredients used and also the packaging and finally if you are interested in the components of products that you use, on the needs of your skin, etc., you can totally live this movement of “Slow Cosmétique” and why not expand it by privileging the “slow money” or “slow food“.

You also have very good brands of cosmetics that without the label are quite in the spirit healthy, natural and slow, like Nature Effiscience for example.

Some brands labeled “Slow Cosmétique

Each season, the Slow Cosmétique association labels brands that wish to follow this movement. Several brands participate in this contest but it is the association that decides whether or not they can have this label after a study of their file. The labeled brand receives 1 to 3 stars according to their level of adequacy with the criteria of the charter of the association Slow Cosmétique. Because it is not enough that the product is organic but also that the company is ecologically committed and innovative. Today, there are about 100 brands in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain that have been selected by this label.

In the labeled brands, we find: Beautiss, CoZie, Daliane, Fressimouss, Intimu, Marisson, Realia and much more. You can find all other brands available on the official website of Slow Cosmétique Association.

The brands labeled by “Slow Cosmétique” offer organic beauty products as well as natural treatments such as deodorants without alcohol or aluminum, floral waters or hydrolats, moisturizing creams based on aloe vera, shampoos with shea butter or argan oil and much more.

Small beauty advice: to cleanse the skin (or exfoliate) after removing make-up, take a moistened konjac sponge. You can use it with your cleanser or exfoliant or alone. Its slightly granular material will cleanse your skin and exfoliate it at the same time. However, do not use this sponge as makeup remover, it may irritate your skin.

So the Fuzzy tell us if you have already tested Slow Cosmétique labeled brands and if you are part of this movement! Do not hesitate to discover the other “slow life” movements thanks to our other articles on each category.


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