The benefits of pets

Pets are good for your mood because they will bring happiness to your life. Whatever your day is like, your pet is always there for you. Having a pet has many benefits to the human being, such as fighting depression and stress, giving some joy. If you love animals and want to take a pet, we let you read more of our article on the benefits of pets!

Some examples of pets?

  • Cats

Cats are often the first pet you have thought of. Good pick ! You will love making or receiving cuddles to this small ball of hair because being very soft, clean, quiet and quiet, cats are among the best friends of men!

TIP: They do not ask to be out because they are autonomous and do it very well themselves! Feed him, keep his litter clean, stimulate his intellect with games, caress him and your cat will see that you love to take care of him and you will do well. Siamese, sphynx or angora: which cat will make you crack?

  • Dogs

There is the team Chats and the team Dog !!! These pets have of course also their benefits because they are endearing, playful, communicative and if you like walks, this quadruped is for you.

TIP: A dog is less independent than a cat, so remember to take it out regularly or take it out if you can not. It is necessary that it is spent, that it is socialized with other friends dogs, it is a whole new life which is offered to you with a dog friend. Pug, yorkshire, labrador, poodle … it’s up to you to choose your favorite breed!

  • Rodents

Rabbits, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs and hamsters are the small pets that will make you melt with their little chubby head and soft fur. Less restrictive than a dog or a cat, the rodent will appreciate to play with you outside of its cage and will be able to surprise you by its tender and autonomous character.

  • Horses

Horses are also the best friends of men because riding is a sport that has a lot of benefits: it will allow you to be in contact with the animal and to become one with him. It’s an awesome animal that will teach you a lot about yourself and life in general.

TIP: take care of your horse in pasture, go out for a walk with him in the nature or by the sea to recharge your batteries.

  • Exotic animals

More rarely domesticated, exotic animals exist also in modern habitats! Snakes, iguanas, migales or macaws are also pets that you may like to have at home if you like originality!

There are also birds, fish and many other animals that can be nice company, it’s up to you to see what’s best for you, and to see what’s best for the animal according to your lifestyle. .

PS: watch out for toxics plants when you adopt a pet.

What benefits do pets bring us?

  • Pets for health benefits

In some retirement homes, pets are allowed because they allow older people to feel less alone. These are true psychological supports for these people because they bring them concrete benefits: reduction of the medication and especially a lot of cheerfulness!

We will also think about the disabled or mentally ill, for example with guide dogs for the blind, also those who help with rehabilitation and accompany autistic people.

  • Pets for heart benefits

Pets also benefit your health and your heart by giving you a feeling of well-being. They reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and high blood pressure. With them, you will be relaxed and they will keep you alive longer thanks to their sweetness of life!

  • Pets for body goals benefits

For example when you have a dog, it is necessary to take it out regularly for its needs and for it to be spent physically.

TIP: Go for a jog or simply a walk with your dog because exercise is important for your good health. Take your pet out to the forest and play with him because you will both win and have a good time together!

  • Pets are PRO “slowlife”

We invite you to read our article about slowlife, about the importance of taking the time to do things in your life, not rushing and enjoying every moment. Taking care of one’s pet is clearly a slowlife act! You have to know how to find the time and the moment to take care of it properly because it will give you a responsibility that will make you reconsider your priorities as well as a personal satisfaction. Taking care of your pet will relax you because you will think less about your worries and your work.

For example, when you walk your dog, you can not go as fast as alone because it must sniff lots of tree trunks, flowers, curbs full of information invisible to us, we must also greet with other dogs, a whole life of his which will make you slow down for your greater good to both of you!

Where to find your pet?

  • The SPA in France

The SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals) is an association present in the agglomerations and which takes care of the animals abandoned by their masters. Every year, many people abandon their dogs at the side of the roads for example, or even worse: alone, in full nature. The abandoned pet can not survive alone for more than a few days, which is why the SPA includes many to give them a chance to be adopted by families who will bring them the love they did not have. elsewhere. Find out on the internet to find out where is the SPA closest to you and do not hesitate to be a member if you like animals. You can walk around and have a good time with them, it will do you a lot of good!

  • The individuals

Some individuals see by accident or envy their animals have litters, they can then talk about them, on social networks or on The animals will be adopt any baby (after weaning) or older free of charge or against a sum of money.

Always check that the animal has been surrounded by all the care to which he is entitled, that he has a health book updated by the veterinarian etc.

  • The pet shop

We first recommend the SPA for dogs and cats, because there the animals have been abused and / or abandoned by their owners so they are to be adopted in priority but if you prefer the pet store, go there. Besides you will find more easily rodents, fish and others in pet stores.

A true paradise for finding pets, the pet shop will give you a wide choice for you to find your little companion. Find a pet store near you if you want to adopt an animal at home.

We hope that our article on the benefits of pets will have enlightened you and made you want to take a small companion if you can give him all the love and comfort necessary because an animal is a responsibility. It will certainly give you a lot of happiness!


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