Top of berries and theirs benefits

These small fruits such as raspberry, blackcurrant, blueberries, goji or currants are full of benefits for your body and your health despite their small size. In addition to being colorful and have a delicious taste each in their own way, they will be beneficial for you and are named “superfoods” and even “super fruits” because berries are fruits!

Goji berries

Goji berries are really a superfruit filled with good elements including vitamins and antioxidants that will only benefit your body. Indeed, Goji berries have vitamins, including vitamin C, and antioxidants such as zeaxanthin that maintain the visual acuity as they protect from light and UV. These small bays are really beneficial for people who are exposed to screens all day long.

In addition, Goji berries are really high in fructose which allows to bring maximum energy and optimize endurance. This “superfruit” also has anti-inflammatory properties that heal inflammation of the joints and muscles. Athletes consume before and after their session and especially if they are injured.

Among the many benefits of Goji berries, they contain elements such as beta-sitosterol and flavonoids that help lower cholesterol levels in the blood, open arteries and improve their function.

As you will understand, goji berries have many benefits for your body and your health (and even stimulate the libido!). In any case, these berries allow the detoxification of the body, the improvement of the quality of sleep, the protection of cardiovascular diseases, the fortification of bones and muscles, the improvement of digestion and many others. things again. Do not hesitate to consume regularly, during your breakfast or in your buddha bowl!

Acai berries

Acai berries are berries extracted from a palm tree found in South America. Filled with antioxidants, natural C vitamins and also minerals, these berries are very good for your body since they allow you to reboost your body and cleanse your immune system.

Like Goji berries, Acai Bears have many benefits for our health and body. Thanks to its high concentration of vitamin E compared to the rest of the fruits, acai berries protect the skin, the heart and the eyes.

These are berries that contain anthocyanins, which will play a very important role in the protection of the body’s cells and in the fight against the oxidation of the body linked to free radicals. This fight against oxidation will promote the balance of cholesterol in your body and thus prevent certain cancers, arthritis or other degenerative diseases.
For effective weight loss, do not hesitate to combine acai berries with spirulina which is a small ancestral alga of blue-green color, you will easily find glitter, powder or capsules in organic store.

Ginseng berries

Ginseng is a very invigorating base plant that will reboost your body. It is a perfect plant for people who are weakened physically, mentally or who are stressed. In addition, it is also used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant or to treat digestive disorders, the immune system and cardiovascular problems.

Its berries are really very effective at treating all the problems mentioned above and it is generally they that are used rather than its root.
Like acai berries, ginseng berries are widely used to reduce appetite and to correct various diabetes-related problems.
It is important to consume ginseng berries without additional additives so that its virtues are really effective. The oil found in the roots of ginseng is also used for massage, to tone the muscles or treat a flu, but it is the berries that are really the most effective.


If you have problems with urinary tract infections, cranberry is made for you because its antioxidants have the power to stick to the mucous membranes which prevents bacteria from sticking to it and thus prevent infections. Cranberries are generally recommended for young women who have repeated cystitis since it has the gift of soothing and avoiding irritation and urinary tract infections. It also has the power to protect your teeth and thus avoid cavities.

In addition, cranberries can also fight against free radicals thanks to its antioxidants but especially thanks to its high vitamin C. As a result of this fight, it helps prevent cardiovascular disease and allows the arteries to regain some flexibility.
Finally, the cannerberg is perfect for fighting colds. Indeed, its anti-bacterial properties can protect against respiratory infections but also against the flu.
You can eat cranberries in the form of juice, fresh berries or dried berries. It’s up to you to find which form suits you best.

The blueberries

Just like cranberry, blueberries have many more vitamins E than the rest of the fruits which will help protect the skin, heart and eyes. Indeed, blueberries have the power to promote the production of retinal purple which is a photoreceptor cell present in the retina. After that, your eyes will see better the low resolutions, the black and the white in a place little luminous or totally dark. In addition, your visual acuity will be better and it will allow you a prolonged protection to ordinary screens or TV.

Blueberries are very rich in phosphorus and potassium which will allow, thanks to a high consumption, to regulate the problems of blood pressure and to improve the memory functions with the protection of the tissues of your brain.
The high amount of antioxidants that blueberries possess is able to block the development of certain cancer cells. In addition, the flavonoids that also have blueberries have a protective effect against cancer. These are small fruits really effective against cancer.

Finally, the blueberry is perfect as a remedy to treat digestive disorders including diarrhea and constipation since it acts as a mild laxative.

The benefits of acerola berries

Acerola is a tree native to South America and the Caribbean that contains berries called Barbados cherries or Caribbean cherries. These berries are the 2nd most vitaminized fruit in the world since they are filled with vitamin C but also with minerals and antioxidants, which is why they have many virtues.

Since they are full of vitamins, the fruits of acerola fight against fatigue and stress and help boost your body. But that’s not all, they can detoxify your body and also strengthen your immune system and stimulate the body’s natural defenses all thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C.

And here are dear Fuzzy, now you know all the benefits of different popular berries. Do not hesitate to consume in large quantities to optimize the virtues and boost your body.

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