Visit the Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a large lake south of the Highlands of Scotland. Bordered by mountains, it is generally quite calm. He is best known for the legend of his imposing creature who runs through his deep waters “the monster of Loch Ness”. But this lake is not only filled with unusual stories, it is also a place full of activities to do for people who wish to visit Scotland and stay there for a few days.

Visit Loch Ness, a place full of activities …

First of all Loch Ness is not the only thing to see and do during your stay in the Highlands. Many activities are proposed on the Loch Ness but also around this fabulous lake: visits, excursions, excursions on horseback or cruises.

The hikes are really perfect in the Highlands if you are not afraid of the cold and the height. The scenery is breathtaking but you will likely encounter a lot of tourists in high season. If you follow the 45km South Loch Ness Trail, you will be able to see the most beautiful landscapes and panoramas of the region. On the other hand, if you wish to make this hike, it would take about three days of walk, but you can very well shorten it to a day by doing only a part.

A very famous castle is to visit in the Highlands because it is on almost all the postcards that you will find there. The Eilean Donan Castle is really beautiful and full of history.

If you do not particularly like hiking on the shores of Loch Ness, you can find the Borlum Farm which offers horseback riding all along and is adjusted to your riding level. You will have an equally beautiful view with Loch Ness below.

In addition, many cruises are also offered on Loch Ness, a tour guide tells you the history of the Highlands, the famous legend of the monster Loch Ness and many other things. You will make a small stop at the sites of Inverness which is the cultural capital of the Highlands with its castle and the castle of Urquhart located on a hill on the left bank of Loch Ness. Generally these cruises last a few hours. On the shores of the lake, you can also see the cabin “Nessie Hunter”: it is Steve Feltham who decided to leave everything to dedicate his life in search of the monster of Loch Ness or “Nessie”.

The Loch Ness Museum, “Loch Ness Center & Exhibition”, is really interesting for people who want to learn more about the legend of the Loch Ness monster and the scientific discoveries related to this aquatic monster.

Finally, Scotland rhymes necessarily with Whiskey (“water of life” in Scottish), that’s why it is essential to visit a distillery to learn more about Whiskey and its history. There is one near Inverness, “The Tomatin Distillery” where you can even have an excellent tasting.

Good to know: Loch Ness is 3 hours by car from Edinburgh and Glasgow, 2 hours by car from Portree (the most important city on the island of Skye).

The legend of the Loch Ness monster …

Loch Ness is a large lake 39km long, 3km wide and its depth can reach 200 meters. The water is very dark, quite calm even if sometimes we notice bubbles. Legend has it that this lake is haunted by an aquatic creature that was nicknamed “Nessie” in the 1930’s (it’s more affectionate than “Loch Ness monster”!).

This legend comes from several testimonies, one of the first being of the sixth century, an Irish monk explained to have seen this creature out of the water then plunge again. Other witnesses over the centuries describe the beast as a sea serpent or as a mixture of turtle and snake.

It’s only since the 1930s that “modern” research has been done to find out if Nessie was real. Many people then go to the scene to look for him and see him. During this period the list of testimonies has evolved enormously, each explaining the form and the creature he could see, photographs are taken … More years passed and more research evolved on the part of aeronautical engineers, scientists and others to debate the existence of Nessie.

According to all the testimonies listened, Nessie has a reptile head, a neck up to 2 meters, big eyes, two or three bumps on the back and a long moving tail.
One of the theories would be that this creature would come from the Atlantic Ocean, which covered the land, and following a decline in water, it would have found itself stuck in the Loch Ness created. But all this staging around the Loch Ness monster is just a legend since it’s impossible for a creature of this size to live in this lake. The creature has no doubt been mistaken for vegetation mixed with gas-laden tree trunks located at the bottom of the lake so dark that, with pressure, rise to the surface and create black shapes, shadows and bubbles and then once again they are filled with water and disappear.

And you, Fuzzy, do you believe in Nessie? And do not hesitate to tell us if you were already in the Highlands.

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