How to wear a woman shirt ?

The shirt is really essential in your wardrobe: simple, colorful, fancy, oversize or chic, there are a multitude of different styles that you can adjust according to your style, your morphology and your desires. A few years ago the shirts were seen as a chic piece, which were only worn for interviews, with blazers and tailors. But today, you can do completely different looks: casual, rock, preppy, streetwear …

Discover the different styles of shirts and also how to wear them, accessorize them to put you in maximum value and especially to make you happy!

How to wear different styles of shirts?

The shirts are worn in different ways thanks to their cuts, their materials, the effects they can give and their ability to adapt to everything and accuse themselves easily. Here are several possible looks that are easy to create with different styles of shirts.


For a more chic look

Women’s shirts and women’s blouses are very often reminiscent of chic, elegant looks and especially worn during important events.

If you want to go for this look, think of fitted shirts or blouses of light colors such as sky blue, white or gray and wear it with a suit or a skirt mid-long. For a more feminine effect, unbutton a few buttons on the shirt to create a v-neck.

If you are chilly, you can also wear it with a nice cashmere or wool sweater over it and simply push the collar up. Associated with flat shoes like derbies and a pretty necklace or scarf will give you a very chic style.


If you do not want to wear over-fitted and fitted shirts, you can wear a blouse that will have a loose effect or simply a fluid shirt with a pretty v-neck or an embroidered neckline that will dress and make the effect loose. very elegant. Worn with a skirt close to the body or a tailor, the effect will be as chic as if you had a fitted shirt, the style is just different.

For this kind of look, choose viscose blouses that is an artificial silk or poplin that is a very silky and flexible fabric. Regarding the fitted and fitted shirts, those cotton are really top and they will perfectly mark your size with the appropriate cut.


For a rock look

The shirt is also very good with a more rock look because it will break precisely this look a little “dark”. If you want to create this look, opt for a rather fluid shirt to add a touch of sobriety and class in the outfit. You can also wear a printed blouse with lightening patterns always for the rock side or more sober patterns again to make the look more elegant and add a touch of femininity.

For this look, you can wear your blouse with black leather pants, a red suede biker jacket and small black studded or chain boots. Which will go perfectly to alleviate this look which could seem “too leather”, it is a beautiful linen shirt, in organic cotton or why not with lace embroidered inserts which give a perfectly girly side and will lighten it. Do not button up your shirt to the top or choose one with a v-neck to always keep this feminine side despite the rock and dark look.

For a more casual / boyfriend look

This look is perfect for those who do not like slim looks and feel more comfortable in casual and casual looks. If you want to recreate this look, you can either wear boyfriend jeans and therefore with a closer to the body or just, as we will propose here, put slim jeans, straight or even boyfriend for the total casual look with a shirt oversized or that you can prick your boyfriend, brother or father. Do not hesitate to leave your bare shoulders leaving your shirt a little unbuttoned so that it can fall on your shoulders and have this little sexy touch despite the very casual look.


Linen shirts are usually pretty flowing and so perfect for giving that boyfriend look and they slip very easily so can help discover one of your shoulders. Tuck the shirt inside your pants to create a puffy effect. You can just go in front of the shirt and leave the back outside, it’s as you prefer.

To complete this look you can wear a pair of sneakers to continue in this casual style or very well wear pretty heels but not too high to always keep the casual side.

PS: This is a lot of unbuttoning the shirt in part to increase the cleavage. If the shirt is close to the body and you wear a bra, it will be pretty sexy and if you wear a loose shirt without bra, it gives a quite sensual effect. It’s up to you to find your dose of sex appeal according to your mood!

For a daily look

Finally the last look proposed is really the most basic since it is the daily look with a shirt. Simple, that goes to everyone, with all and for all occasions. Checkered shirts are very trendy right now, his lumberjack side pleases many of you and associates with a lot of styles.

The best is to take a high waist on top for the plaid shirt, tucked into pants and with the puff effect it will be very nice. You can also replace the plaid shirt with the striped or polka dot shirt that is very pretty and especially timeless. It’s perfect for your everyday look because it looks stylish without overdoing it. Ex: black jeans + black shirt with white dots: no fashion mistake possible!

What is also trendy this year is the total look jeans by combining a denim shirt with slim jeans. In the end, it comes down to creating your own combination if your top and bottom have the same jean fabric. You can pair it with beige trench and tallons or sneakers for a very feminine look while being comfortable.


Another trend at the moment is the tunic or oversized shirt tightened at the waist with a big belt and underneath shorts or a cropped trousers. This is really an outfit that is very fashionable and is perfect for an everyday look in spring / summer 2019. Classy but casual thanks to the cropped trousers and the tunic and wide shirt.

For everyday looks, all shirts and blouses will go perfectly because everything depends on accessories and pants / skirts / shorts, shoes that you put with. They can be very classy as casual, sexy, preppy … it’s up to you to see which style (s) you feel best!

Do not hesitate, dear Fuzzy, to tell us in the comments what style (s) you prefer to wear! You can also find our articles on high boots or on the essentials of a wardrobe!

Photo Credit Francesco Procopio

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