Visit the isle of Skye

Visit the Isle of Skye is really something to do if you come to Scotland. His breathtaking landscapes will remain forever etched and you will leave with wonderful memories. Between mountains, dark lakes and beautiful sunsets (when there are) you’ll be sure to keep these images in mind.

Visit the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is located off Scotland and is nicknamed the Isle of Mists. It is particularly known for its wild landscapes, open spaces, fishing villages and medieval castles. It is the second largest island in Scotland with an area of ​​1,736km2. On this island you will see stunning mountainous and breathtaking scenery with a world preserved and apart that will not fail to make you dream.

It is an island full of history and very rich with castles and ancient monuments such as Dunvegan Castle, Armadale Castle, a museum dedicated to Scottish history and culture. Despite what one might think, it is a very large island that offers many nice surprises and especially pretty colors with its landscapes and also thanks to its capital, Portree, where all the houses are brightly colored.
The Isle of Skye is a bit like the Highlands, where the main activities are hikes in the sublime landscapes. Excursions are possible in the mountains and to the bodies of water and the most curious in the history of the Isle of Skye, and many museums also open their doors.

How to get there ?

The island is connected by a bridge to the northwest coast of Scotland that you can cross by car, bus or ferry. In order to reach your destination and see such beautiful landscapes, the trip takes a rather long time: 4:15 from Glasgow and 4:30 from Edinburgh, via Fort William, to reach the bridge only. Allow another hour to reach the Isle of Skye. The nearest airport is Inverness (it will stay 2h30 drive to Portree).

As you understand, there is so much to see and do on this beautiful and beautiful island of Skye, so here is our selection of things to do during your stay:

Portree and its colorful houses

Portree is the most important town on the Isle of Skye, but it’s still quite small so you’ll have a quick tour. It is a friendly fishing town with colorful houses in shades of blue, pink, yellow and green. Small boat trips are organized from Portree to see the marine fauna of the Isle of Skye. Some pubs are also installed in Portree to welcome you with friendliness and good mood. In addition, you will find some small restaurants not very expensive.

Old Man of Storr and Kilt Rock

If you have to do one hike during your short stay, choose the Old Man of Storr hike.

It is divided into two parts: the first is not the most interesting since it is only a succession of small climbs with many pieces of wood on the ground. But the higher you get, the more the view is clear and beautiful. You will then find yourself in the heights of the mountains, in a very large quiet space where only the wind whistles very loudly (certainly it depends on the period where you go) and where gigantic rocks surround you, in particular the Old Man of Storr which is very impressive from the top of its 50 meters high.

The “Old Man of Storr” is a large block of stone that has formed as a result of the erosion of the mountain on which it is located. At the top you have an incredible view of the greenery and also the water.
North of the Old Man of Storr you can find the “Kilt Rock” and its waterfall “Mealt Falls”. It is also a very famous place on the Isle of Skye. The waterfall flows along the cliff and falls directly into the sea after a jump of 90 meters. This is something to see because it is very impressive, so do not hesitate to take a look if you have the opportunity.
For this hike count 1h30 to 2 hours of walk for the short version and 3 to 5 hours for the long version and higher. In any case, remember to bring you very good walking shoes and warm clothes because the wind is strong up there.

The Quiraing

Still a flagship place of the Isle of Skye and that is to do. Quiriang is a geological formation of volcanic origin. It is a hike that does not last very long, 1h round trip and offers incredible views and endless breathtaking.

This is not a complicated place to walk, the grounds are generally straight there are just a lot of small pebbles, it sometimes gives you some feelings of vertigo. It is filled with greenery and you have a magnificent view of the sea and the water. It is much easier than the “Old Man of Storr” hike so do not hesitate to get started and do it.

Fairy pools

One of the main attractions of the Isle of Skye is hiking to Fairy Pools, French Fairy Pools, which lasts about 2 hours round trip. It is basically sloping paths that take you down to small, natural pools of clear water formed by the various small waterfalls that intersect.

Moreover, if the weather is at the rendezvous, you can see the Cuillin mountains in the background. This is a really nice corner but these “fairy pools” are very touristy so it’s very rare that you are alone. If you go when it is hot you can very well swim in these small pools. On the other hand if it is covered and gray, it will rather avoid.

Dunvegan Castle

Finally to finish our selection of spectacular things to do and see on the Isle of Skye, a little bit of history with Dunvegan Castle or the “Dunvegan Castle”. It is a castle with a very massive and imposing exterior, much like all Scottish castles. All around are gardens that are very pleasant to visit. It’s a classic to do if you come to the Isle of Skye as you can see inside the paintings, as well as the treasures of the MacLeod clan and on the banks of the Loch, if you arm yourself with binoculars, seals on the rocks!

The castle is really very impressive and interesting, it will allow you to learn a little more about the Isle of Skye and Scotland.

Visiting the Isle of Skye also has some local traditions such as visiting a distillery, tasting Scottish whiskey, eating “haggis”, and strolling at Glen Coe which is also one of the most beautiful places in Scotland.

Feel free to tell us in comments if you are interested in this island and if you are addicted to hiking or not at all! Tell us also which Scottish islands you have already visited.

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