Slow Money : definition

“Slow money”, a slow movement for sustainable finance, born in 2009 in the United States, which aims to finance small local food companies that produce quality food. The international “slow money” movement is therefore a continuation but also an inspiration of the “slow food” movement in the wider movement of Slow life.

What is slow money?

Basically, “Slow money” is a non-profit association, created in 2009 by the American Woody Tasch following his book, “Investigating the nature of slow money: investing as if food, agriculture and fertility were important “wrote a year before during the economic crisis of 2008.

Just like the “slow food” movement, the aim of slow money is to reconnect with local cuisine by financially assisting the projects and developments of small producers and local farmers. The movement will help them by connecting small local farmers looking for new tools (tractors …) or land with individuals, investors or institutions.

The association Slow money will examine the files of small local producers (in the same system as the association Slow Cosmetic) and will then decide whether or not they can be in relation with investors or others. Financial support from individuals to farmers is via the Beetcoin crowdfunding platform created by Slow Money.

For Woody Tasch, slow money is done by improving the quality of agricultural products and therefore generally organic without having to rely on large chemical industries that will modify the products. This whole process of favoring local producers will help to avoid a certain waste of industrial products but also the standardization and industrialization of industrial foods and fast food.

The Slow Money association is growing bigger and more people are starting to get involved and join this movement. Indeed, in 2015, more than 33,000 people have already signed the principles of Slow Money and joined it.

An international association

While the movement is highly recommended and known in the United States, it is starting to grow more and more abroad, particularly in French-speaking countries.

Indeed, there is now the association “Slow Money” in France, which was created by 3 gentlemen: Raphael Souchier, Aymeric Jung and Arvind Ashta. The French association is the right arm of the American association since it deals with and coordinates the French, Swiss and Belgian actions.

In addition, it aims to spread the financing of Local Food Systems through research, project studies, impact assessments and yields … Local food systems allow to consider the sustainable consumption and production of food. our local food and produced by local farmers / artisans.

Slow Money is also present in Canada through the creation of investor groups in Vancouver and Nova Scotia. In Vancouver, the “Knives & Forks” investor group buys shares (usually one or two) of local capital for $ 1,200 each.

In addition, the Sentinels, which are a Slow Food project, allow the expansion of the slow money movement since they privilege direct relationships with small producers and therefore favor the development of small producers as desired by Woody Tasch for its association.

And now, dear Fuzzy, you know more about this “slow money” movement that belongs to the slow life lifestyle. Of course, nothing makes you part of it, but do not hesitate to take the time to go to markets to focus on local artisan products that contain much less chemical ingredients and pesticides than industrial products.

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