Interview of Catherine Mautord, Nature Effiscience

We are pleased to present to you our interview with Catherine Mautord, founder of the cosmetic brand Nature Effiscience. A highly qualitative brand sold now internationally, whose career is remarkable.

Could you tell us a little more about your career? Since when are you attracted by the cosmetics industry? What were the pitfalls or the pokes of a cosmetic brand creation?

I began to take an interest in it during my childhood, in New Caledonia. I had a grandmother’s heart and when I had a sore, we went to the garden to find the plants to treat me. She initiated me to the power of plants and sensitized to the synergy between the different plants between them.

When I was 18, I started my studies in cosmetology, I also started makeup and that’s when I really got passionate about makeup and beauty creams. One day, when I was 36, I saw a program that talked about skin-damaging cosmetics, it really spoke to me. I was working in a herbal medicine lab, and I was looking for cosmetics very good for my skin and I was stuck because I could not find much.

So I started to make my own beauty products. At the time, few people did this at home. When I started marketing my products, I needed help because I had the biology side, but not the “sexy” side of the cream. My husband helped me a lot, he worked on the glamorous side of the cream, while I created the products, and we started, when we did not know much. I discovered marketing and communication, as much to give a glamorous side to our products as to the notoriety, to make known our mark.

We became a real cosmetic brand in 2014, because we started to have experience, we had become professionals. That’s when Nature Effiscience really started, before it was more tests, trials, so we could find each other.

How did you choose the name Nature Effiscience?

It’s pretty simple. Nature because I originally wanted natural products, and effiscience for the word game: efficiency through science. We wanted so much to make good products, clean, healthy for health, we fell in the bio, while we did not seek it at the beginning.

What were your sources of inspiration for creating Nature Effiscience products?

Originally, I made products for me according to my culture and my needs. I traveled all my childhood, especially in New Caledonia and Africa, and I discovered many cultures, including traditional Chinese medicine that focuses more on prevention than healing. And I really wanted to put it forward in my products, to prevent before doing curative. I also wanted to put several assets in a tube, 3 to 4 actions in each product, to simplify and limit the number of products to have in his bathroom. Our products go elsewhere for all skin types. Cosmetics, I find that it is a very complicated environment, sometimes even counselors get tangled and sometimes we can not have the best advice. Having only one hydrating product for everyone was a very interesting thing for me. For my beauty products, I really put myself in the shoes of a lambda woman, who has no specific knowledge in cosmetology.

nature effiscience voyage

How did you choose the components of the products? Everything is related to their property or is there a part of creativity / fantasy?

Everything is taken to be effective, each component is added because it has a positive effect. However, to achieve a certain effect in a product, there may be several different ingredients. In this case, we choose the most glamorous.

Why did you decide to make organic cosmetics?

This was done naturally because we were looking for a really pure product. For me bio does not exist anymore on earth. I think we can say that some products are simply cleaner, purer, more natural than common products. The advantage of organic products is that the components are not treated, so we have no risk of finding pesticides in our products, while products called natural, but not labeled organic, may have components treaties found in products.

What gave you the idea to add small indications of massage on packaging?

We are always in an insatiable quest for efficiency, and we have this preventive side in these indications that by applying our creams using these indications, we can accentuate the anti-aging side, and improve the effectiveness of the product. Massage is also a particular attention to oneself or others, and the body feels it and transforms it into well-being, there is a path that makes a massage always a plus. I thought to add these indications because I am in this universe and because I wanted to add a side comfort and effective.

There are treatments (massages or massages) specific to Nature Effiscience, can you tell us more?

These are exclusive massages at Nature Effiscience, created in collaboration with a beautician who is also a physiotherapist and shiatsu practitioner. These massages are not there to treat people but to give them a letting go and to relax, untie some of the knots of their bodies. When one is in the let go, the body benefits much better and the massage is all the more effective.

For the body, there is an oil that goes for relaxation. We can enjoy these massages in Strasbourg and in the region, we can soon enjoy in Hong Kong, we already have in Seoul, Deauville, or Lille. You can enjoy massages or treatments in beauty salons or spas.

To return to the same cosmetics, do they adapt to all types of skin?

Yes, it’s really something that was close to my heart. Each product has several assets that fully meet the given problem. For example, a moisturizer will answer all the causes of dehydration. The cells will take the assets that suit him and that can solve the problems.

Our creams go more to women who are approaching their thirties, after 25-26 years. The product has a lot of potentiality that a very young woman will probably not benefit.

Is layering possible with Nature Effiscience products?

Products can all come together. For those who go beyond 40 years, we add the lift. We can put all this without rinsing, and then we put the eyes effect. Now, if you have a very dry skin, in the layering, you can simply mix the booster and nutri and apply it and found your skin in 24 hours. In any case, we must not get rid of the moisturizer that makes hyaluronic acid and that allows reprogramming cells

For the peeling, it can be done once a week. And the mask can be put after the peeling, to make as a care that will come to put a lot of radiance on the face. But it can also be used especially by young women to dry on pimples, moreover when you let the mask dry and sleep with absorbs sebum.

If we take mask and booster effect, we have very good healing. We can also put the mask as cream. We can take it instead of the moisturizer for a few days to make a cure of radiance. All our products go on the eyes, except the mask and the peeling.

nature effiscience

What would be the morning routine for a thirty-year mixed skin for using these products?

In summer: the clean to clean and just the booster. When it’s cooler, we add more moisturizer.

Moreover, at Nature Effiscience we do not distinguish between day and night for our products, we can use them morning or evening. Our products work as well or better at night because when we sleep we are in the letting go.

The skin does not get used to our creams, it remains optimal and even improves.

For the routine of a milf with normal skin: Clean and booster in the morning, and clean more moisturizer at night. And she can add the eyes according to what she wants.

routine beauté nature effiscience

What is your favorite product ?

My darling is the moisturizer. It’s simple, every time I put it, it makes me crazy. And then comes the nutri, which I really like too. I have dry skin and these two products are really good for my skin. But all products are good because they go a step further than just a beauty product. We are also the first and only ones to be certified organic, to be in the VIDAL, and to be considered dermato-cosmetic.

Which other brand (s) do you recommend that will be complementary to your brand?

I like the Mac brand, which is not organic, and stays on the surface. Makeup is not intended to penetrate the skin, and I like mac who is very loaded with pigments. On the side of BB creams, I also like Herborian, which is natural and with pretty pigments.

What are your future plans for Nature Effiscience or other? Do you have any ideas for changing the brand? (eg with product ranges body for women or men)

For man not immediately yet, because it has a little trouble taking. On the other hand we will launch into body products, we will offer at the beginning of the year a 3-in-1 body milk and anti-stain that will really treat all facial spots, age spots from birth to pollution spots and the scars, we would be the only ones in the stain market.

Can men use the products?

We have men who use our products because they penetrate the skin very quickly and they love the booster, which also has a de-stressing effect, by sending a message to the pituitary gland.

Where can we find your products?

In pharmacies, beauty centers and spas and also on the site that delivers mainly in France and some countries in Europe. In Asia there is also a distributor who has discovered the potential of Nature Effiscience, the fact that we are in the VIDAL has a lot of impact.

Here are the Fuzzy, an interview with Catherine Mautord of Nature Effiscience. Do not hesitate to tell us if you want more information about these products.

This article is not sponsored. This is our real cosmetic favorite since its discovery in 2015 🙂

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