Mascara without clumps

Mascara is the finishing touch of a makeup, it gives you a doe look and intensify it. But if it is badly put, it can pack on your eyelashes and thus not be up to the rest of your makeup and your look. Many of you do not find the famous technique to have lashes without clumps, despite the many mascaras you have tested. Here are different tips for a false eyelash look!

Some tips for a mascara without clumps

To have beautiful eyelashes with a mascara without clumps, the brand of mascara does not make all the difference: a mascara brand Maybelline or Bourjois can be just as good or better than a mascara of a very big brand like Chanel or Dior, and of course an organic mascara is just as good as another!

Having eyelashes without clumps depends on how you put it and the techniques you use. It is important to follow these beauty tips if you want to have an intense look with perfect eyelashes.

1 / Put the brush on a handkerchief

Sometimes you have too much product on the brush of your mascara. When this happens, there is no point in applying it anyway on your eyelashes and want to spread it gradually with the brush, that’s what will create huge clumps and you will be forced to start all over again.
If this happens to you, before applying it, put your brush on a tissue to remove the excess and apply your mascara. Do not wipe the applicator completely on the tissue, tissue residue may slip between the bristles of the brush and you will lose too much product. Just pass it on.

2 / How to apply your mascara

Once you have wiped the excess of your brush if it was needed, to apply your mascara to avoid clumps, leave the root of your lashes well and go to the ends. To separate your eyelashes, make zigzag movements. This will allow to take off the eyelashes between them and therefore avoid packets. In addition, your eyelashes will be more stretched and elongated and it will also allow the mascara to be everywhere.

3 / Dry brush or eyelash comb

If you see that you have made a few clumps with the first coat, do not wait for it to dry but pass a dry mascara brush or eyelash comb directly to remove the excess and separate the eyelashes properly. If you try to separate them with your product-filled mascara brush, it will make the problem worse and create more clumps. Do not wait for it to dry otherwise you will not be able to pass the dry brush between your eyelashes. If your mascara is already dry, you can pass a small comb for eyelashes. It is plastic and therefore can more easily disentangle the eyelashes glued by mascara.

IDEA: You can put on the brush before applying your first layer of mascara, this will help to untangle the lashes and start applying the product on a good base of well separated lashes.

4 / The layers of mascara

Generally, it is also the multiple layers of mascara that create clumps, even if you followed the previous tips. To avoid packets, do not spend more than 3 times your brush. If you want a really natural result, a layer will be enough. Your lashes will be separated, lying down and especially without packet.

For a look a little more intense, pass a second layer always following the previous tips.
For a look a little more loaded, three layers of mascara will be sufficient. If you spend more, your eyelashes will stick together and form packets. In addition, they will be too loaded in product and will therefore tend to fall during the day.

Always wait between each layer until the previous one is dry before applying the others. If you apply it while it is not dry, the eyelashes may stick together and get tangled.

5 / Dry mascara

A dry mascara will also form packages on your eyelashes. So that it does not dry up too quickly, avoid pumping the brush into the tube: this will bring air into the tube and dry much faster the product. You can prolong the life of your mascara by adding a drop of rose water inside or if it is too dry, do not hesitate to plunge the end of the tube in hot water so that it melt the product indoors and make it more liquid.

If mascara has settled on your eyelid while you are applying it, do not panic! Wait for the dry spots then get yourself a dry cotton swab that you will spend on your eyelid.

The shapes of brushes and their uses:

Different mascara brushes exist to help you achieve the desired result. Some brushes will allow you to separate your eyelashes, others to thicken them and others to lengthen them.

The wide brush

This brush will catch all your eyelashes in one go. Attention, it sometimes tends to have a lot of material on it so be careful not to create some clumps caused by an excess of product!

The fine brush

This one is more precise and will allow you to work the eyelashes by “parts”: the eyelashes of the inner corner and the eyelashes of the outer corner. It is more delicate and much less likely to create clumps.

The cone brush

This type of brush will help manage the amount of product on the eyelashes. Since it is thicker on the side that takes the lashes of the outer corner, it will not apply too much product on your lashes of the inner corner. This brush will allow you to stretch your lashes outward to create a “doe look” effect.

The bent brush

As its name suggests, it will help curl your eyelashes. After having passed your eyelash curler, apply a layer of mascara with this type of brush, it will allow to continue the bending of your eyelashes, to lengthen them and to hold their curvature all day long.

The dots brush

This silicone brush is perfect for separating your eyelashes and thus avoiding clumps. It creates very little, if any, packets and lengthens your eyelashes. This is not a brush that will give you a lot of volume, except if you apply 2 or 3 layers. If you do not have a brush or comb for eyelashes, you can use a spiky brush without product on it to separate your eyelashes. It is very easy to use and allows you to catch all the eyelashes.

The ball brush

Finally, this last brush is quite special. As its name also indicates, it’s a totally ball-shaped silicone brush. It is rather complicated to use when you are not used to it. On the other hand, it is perfect for the eyelashes of the outer corner and the inner corner because it allows to catch them individually and to separate them well.

And you, dear Fuzzy, do not hesitate to tell us which brush you use to apply your mascara or which method you have !

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