The essentials of your wardrobe

Even if fashion trends can change from year to year, even from one week to the next if you look at all the capsule collections, there are basics and essentials still present in your wardrobe despite these changes and variations. A wardrobe is filled with pretty pieces that vary in styles, morphologies and tastes but in any case, there are parts present in almost all dressings regardless of its owner. Discover in this article, the essential ones that are sufficient for a simple, effective but also elegant and personalized look!

The essential of your wardrobe: the perfect blue jeans

It’s really a must for your wardrobe and you can opt for all types of outfits: chic, casual, sportswear … Whether slim, straight, elephant legs, mom, boyfriend or destroy, pants blue jeans are suitable for all body styles and for all styles. It depends on its cut and especially how you wear it.

For a more casual and trendy style, do not hesitate to wear a boyfriend or mom jeans and with a few small holes at the knees for example with a very basic and simple top under a black perfecto. If you want to break this look for a little more feminine style, replace the t-shirt with a pretty floral blouse or with lace.

Regarding jeans, if you have hips and thighs developed, do not hesitate to favor the right pants so that they look thinner. For women who are thinner, jeans mom or boyfriend you go wonderfully. Finally, if you have long legs, elephant leg jeans will be perfect for you and will not pack you down!

The white t-shirt

The white t-shirt is one of the top 3 essentials of your wardrobe. You can buy it with a v neck neckline to highlight your chest, a round neck or holy cloak for a nice draped effect or a high collar, in any case it is a fashion trend. It can be worn with anything: jeans, a suit, a skirt, shorts … and accésoiriseise very easily: with a pretty imposing necklace, big colored earrings or with a scarf.

For a casual spring look, you can wear it with denim shorts and small heeled boots or pumps for a more chic look and a beautiful beige trench.

Ideal under a sweater also when it is colder, the t-shirt is a must, comes in all styles and save the game more than once.

If you have a small chest, the neckline of a V neck a little plunging is for you and will not absolutely vulgar. On the contrary, for more developed breasts, do not think that a high or closed collar will hide your chest on the contrary it will visually make it more imposing, a light cleavage or a cowl neck will be perfect.

The little black dress

A timeless for women, who finds a buyer with all the morphologies and who can match with absolutely everything, whatever style you want to have!

The little black dress goes to everyone and is worn for all occasions since it can be declined in all styles: chic, casual, trendy or sexy.

In summer, the black dress with flat sandals for the day or black pumps for the evening, is very elegant and goes to all women: round, thin, big or small since it puts in any case your silhouette in value with its simplicity of hue that can be accessorized in a blink of an eye.

In summer, pumps and a glitter pouch will be enough to illuminate your black dress for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner.

In autumn or winter, there are black dresses with long sleeves, or you can take a sleeveless black dress and put on a colored sweater underneath.

Another idea: Combined with fancy opaque tights and high boots, the little black dress will keep you warm while being at the forefront of trends!

The white shirt

A real essential, especially if you have professional appointments, but can be declined in all directions and associates with everything. The white shirt is a real classic for years and more years pass and the ways to wear it are endless.

For a really classy look, wear it with a tailored suit. For a more casual and everyday look, wear it in a loose fashion with blue boyfriend jeans and small sneakers or boots.

For a little warmer days, oversize the white shirt to wear a tunic dress accessorized with a belt and necklaces, not to mention waders or spartan. Although the white shirt looks terribly basic, you can wear it and accessorize it as you wish and create a real custom look with it.

The pair of sneakers

Even if you’re a true heel follower and wear it every day no matter the seasons, the weather, and the opportunities, it’s important and ideal to have at least one pair of sneakers in your wardrobe! If you only have one pair, choose a simple pair of sober colors that will go with all your outfits. On the other hand, you can also choose sneakers more colorful, more feminine (with rhinestones or prints …). It’s up to you to find the pair that will go perfectly with your style and who will look like you.

The beige trench

The beige trench is really a must in a wardrobe especially for the mid-season. Perfect for elegantly finishing a casual outfit, he teams up with many outfits. Of course, according to your desires you can have it in black, navy blue or any other color but the key color of the trench remains the beige! Combined with jeans, a white basic top (a white blouse or a white t-shirt) and a pair of sneakers or heels, the trench is perfect for a work style, chic but casual. French elegance !!!

There are very long ones if you are tall and shorter if you are smaller and you do not want to look “packed”. So again, it’s a beautiful piece that adapts well to different morphologies.

Fashion tips: Depending on your body type, any jeans, t-shirt, pants or jackets will not fit you. It is necessary to choose the cuts and the styles in order to put a maximum your figure in value! Sometimes a small detail makes all the difference, like a yoke or a seam that will sublimate you. Take the time to find what suits you best. There is no urgency, be Slow Fashion!

The tailor and the blazer

Real essential at professional appointments but you can very well wear them separately to break this look that can end up being too classy or serious.

The tailor is really a trendy piece at the moment because it’s a pair of pants that are chic with its cut and material but that can very well be matched with a cooler and more casual piece, especially with a nice loose sweater. sneakers or boots. During events (evening, birthday, restaurant …) it is a perfect alternative of the skirt for those who prefer to wear pants. In addition, since it is a real trend piece you will find in all colors and also with patterns.

The blazer is also a real fashion piece at the moment, especially the plaid blazers “Prince de Galle”. They often wear slim jeans or even leather and basic tops to break this style a bit “strict”. When it is too cold but you still want to wear your favorite blazer, you can use the technique of layering, that is to say the layering of clothes, and therefore put your blazer underneath your winter coat .

The fashion trend for a few months now is the blazer and tailor suit of the same color or pattern. Generally all is either checked or very bright color. It gives a chic effect but while breaking this style with colors and patterns.

But also …

Of course, there are still other essentials but it will be the subject of a new article, like the famous perfecto!

There are also other pieces appreciated for various reasons such as chino, ideal for warmer days to change jeans, denim jacket is also a real must especially it comes in 1001 ways. The famous leggings for more chill days or just for the sport are also surely in your dressing room. Finally, we all have a bathing suit whether it’s a room or bikini, you choose the one in which you will be most comfortable and that will put you most in value in your pool or beach outings!

Again, dress according to your wishes and there is no specific dress code. If you want more fashion advice to know how to dress according to your morphology do not hesitate to ask us for advice.


Credit photo Vincent Bordignon

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